The number for the universal year 2011 is 4 (2+0+1+1=4). The universal 4 year focuses upon issues of issues of policy, rigidity, loyalties and treaties to mention a few things. The number 4 also relates to mechanical processes, technology and the laws of mechanics. In personal terms it is associated with the establishment of a new foundation and to fundamentals of successful living. Some of the negative aspects include stubbornness, compulsivity, discipline, dependability, methodology and pride. In the collective unconscious stress keeps building that can erupt and explode during this cycle. Confrontation, social unrest and new outbreaks of combat often occur during a 4 universal year.

As the planet orbits onward toward its date with 2012 tension mounts throughout the world. Whether or not anything major does occur in 2012, just the anticipatory angst in the planetary population creates additional stress along with all of the other issues of the day that humanity copes with in these oppressive times. Humanity is contemplating the reality of false values and the illusion of happiness that comes with attachment to base materialism and the pursuit of commercial goods. A fundamental shift in values and the focus of self worth slowly emerges within the slumbering masses.

With currencies floundering and the realization that money is manipulated by just a few, more people will return to a system of exchange that recognizes true value of human productivity and an honest compensation for the individual who produces rather than those who manage the exchange. Barter and alternative notes of exchange become more common as international standards fail. Some time in the future the planet realigns with the universal laws of exchange based upon an honest realization of karma and self worth. A Buddhist like philosophy toward materialism emerges as the wasted wars of predatory capitalism, Christianity, Muslim, Judaism and communism deplete the planetary population and exhaust the human will. More people realize that transformation comes from within the self and not through implementation of external institutions and ruler ship.

The messy art of politics becomes ever more muddled in the treachery of lies and behind the scenes decentralization of nations grows more sinister. Wars and rumors of war become ever more prevalent. A word for the number 4 could be constriction. As the manipulated masses experience more regulation and loss of contribution to the social fabric there is further out break of social protest and dissatisfaction. The toxic and dysfunctional predatory powers currently in control use labels such as “terrorist” upon even those healthy and perceptive souls who speak out for the need to restore healthy and vital regulation and administration.

Centers of old world politics return with a new face as the pressure of power inflames the middle east, ancient Roman centers and the old Byzantine territories that now includes Turkey. Russia, Israel, the United States and China among others vie for control and further in roads to the resources of these regions. The Catholic Church is in a desperate final stage of trying to hold onto its control and its actions create further instability around the globe. Muslim and Christian confrontations remain in the headlines. Muslim aggressiveness remains at a pitched fever.

The earth continues in natural upheaval of its own as the tides of constriction trigger further high level earthquakes and volcanic activity around the globe. The impact upon climate also continues to bring imbalance and unpredictability to the weather. Weather modification programs go too far and result in additional man made catastrophes. Famine is the word for the year as loss of food and productive land will soon be a serious threat to all. A fundamental building block of nature is the atom and our abuse of the release of such forces could very well lead to the detonation of such a device within a high population zone.

The science of astronomy will offer yet further astounding new wonders of the universe and our relationship to the stars. Astronomers continue to provide new information that is staggering to our grasp of the universe. Break throughs in the scientific community continue to astound and exceed even the expectations of science fiction. Hidden within dark projects and military secrecy are the necessary tools of technology that could have considerable positive impact upon enabling mankind to adjust to the world of climatic and geological change. Unfortunately these resources will most likely be withheld from the people who have paid for them and used by the elite for gains in the personal power of politics.

Our understanding of time and our place in the universe will be dramatically altered. There are some who say that time will end in 2012. There are many who say our experience with time will be dramatically altered. If enough people believe in the changing of time, then that collective belief will become a very part of the alteration of our individual and collective perception of time and our place in space. Rest assured, that the awakened humanity will hold a substantially altered perception of our relationship to time and to space before this year is over.

There is little improvement in the deteriorating condition of the American economy and administration. The global reach of Communism is more evident and its intrusion into our nation is more evident than ever before. Without rigorous scrutiny by the population and substantial imitative by patriotic Americans to maintain our national heritage, the American experiment will be entering its final stage. The prospects of restoration appear slim based upon the recent passivity of a sedated and socially engineered population. Social welfare, government hand outs and programs which maintain dependency upon the government will continue to dominate the American political process.

The break down of the family unit continues in the programming from the media, entertainment and those who strive to retain control over the masses. This is a time of emotional crisis within the population and national identity crisis for all of those who care about this nation. There are so many tools of distraction and disinformation that it becomes nearly impossible to identify truth and the higher values of human discourse. For the awakened the development of discernment is more important than ever this year as the bombardment of deception reaches a peak. It can be most helpful to the aware to find a support group where you can process and communicate with some sense of trust.

The 4 year presents a time to establish new fundamentals to living and a foundation of life that nurtures the healthy, wholesome and eternal values of consciousness. As apocalyptic pressure bears down upon the human race people turn to various avenues of appeal for assistance. Jews talk of the Messiah, Christians pray for the return of Jesus, Hindus look for Krishna, Muslims for Imam Mahdi, and New Agers seek rescue from the Extraterrestrials. Whatever one’s particular belief, faith or view, the symbolism of this year suggests a fundamental and simple path for every human soul. That would be to restore connection to the eternal light of the divine within each soul and live in harmony with the laws of the universe and man.

THIS YEAR BY THE NUMBERS---2011 Copyright Lynn Buess

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Lynn Buess MA, EdS has over 45 years of experience as a numerologist on both a national and international level. Lynn wrote thesis papers for two accredited graduate degrees on the topic of numbers and symbols. Both paperswere published into popular books on the topic. His list of clients would make an impressive who’s who of well known personalities.