The year 2019 has so far introduced plenty of mind-boggling global trends that has changed people’s perspective about designing and decorating interiors. With the new-year festivities just over a month to go and everyone tingling with excitement, designing experts present you a sneak-peek into 2020’s biggest interior designing trends.

Right down from embracing maximalist trends incorporating the sustainability philosophy to new-fad made highlights- the approaching 2020 will expectedly bring forth some ground-breaking interior and living room decor trends to adopt, implement and even improvise.


“Making Your Furniture Interact With The Interior To Make The Most Out Of Small Spaces.”

The Trend:

  • Smart use of multi-functional, compact and space-convenient furniture.
  • Use of extendable dining tables
  • Neat storage racks which convert into full-fledged cabinets 
  • Lamps also functioning as spacious shelves for decorative props or visually
  • Visually-pleasing ottomans having discreet storage space to adapt to your changing requirements.



“Blending Wood, Leather & Metals To Achieve A Luxe, Opulent Ambience.”

The Trend:

  • Utilising the synergy of leather, wood and metal accents to achieve a timeless composition.
  • Adopting popular home accents with metallic finishes and blending them effortlessly with quality wooden furniture and leather upholstery.
  • And using weathered leather with noticeable metal accents for a luxe and opulent appearance.



“2020 will not consider overindulgence as a vice. Henceforth, rich and luscious colour splashes like Indigo, Dark Teal and other Jewel Tones will be used to add immediate energy and a spell of drama.”

The Trend:

  • As per interior designer specialists serving Gerrards Cross- using rich jewel colour splashes such as Emerald green, Topaz Crimson for living rooms, or study will make the space lively, energetic and inviting.
  • Repainting interior walls with Dark Teal and Pewter White and adding jewel-toned curtains, duvet and beautiful dyed rugs will be popular for achieving a rich and impressive homely vibe.


What Else Can Be Expected This 2020?

Experienced Interior designer in Gerrards Cross say-

  • 2020 will see floral fabrics and wallpapers take a leap from the cliche Summer ensembles and adopt graphic fabrics and murals for interior decorations. Floral sofas that exude a boisterous vibe and small-sized floral furnishings which explode with whimsical energy may also include.
  • Patterned backsplashes for your kitchen space (mainly mosaic designed backsplashes) to illuminate the whole kitchen area will be regarded as popular makeover trends.
  • Black will be the new sophistication for bathroom spaces mainly for its contrasting and reflective splendour when paired with steel bath fittings.

Last Words:

The key will be to make your home energising and inspiring. And with these fabulous interior design trends awaiting to be explored in 2020- you will get plenty of options to instil panache and enliven your interior space- exactly as you want!

Also, pair up with a notable expert offering home interior design service as per your customised needs and within your estimated budget. They will give you confidence and peace of mind when you eventually start your project!

So, consult with quality interior design and decorative experts serving the region and schedule and appointment with them right away.

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Wondering what interior design trends will be a big hit in 2020? Learn all about what interior design experts in Gerrards Cross think will be in rave.