Even though people mostly use it for wrapping presents, ribbon represents a versatile element that you can practically include in any DIY project. For instance, you can create extravagant and unique pieces of jewelry or enhance monotonous and old-fashioned articles of clothing instead of throwing them away. Just think about it, you can spend your free time challenging your inner artist and using your imagination to design vibrant pieces that you can add to your jewelry or clothing collection. However, you do not have to limit yourself to clothes and jewelry. Step outside the box, look through the house and select all the things that you want to bring to life or personalize. Moreover, you can play with decorative elements and change your interior design or just spice it up a little. The truth is that you have endless possibilities and the only requirement is to be bold and creative. Now you have a staple to nourish your craft activities and eliminate boredom from your life.

Gather the adequate materials for your projects

Before engaging in any type of craft activity, you have to purchase and collect the necessary tools and supplies. You can make a list to have the certainty that you do not forget something important because you do not want to realize in the middle of your process and concentration that you cannot continue the work because you lack a certain item or material. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you should examine your home because the chances are that you will stumble across forgotten materials and order the rest online in large amounts at once to save money on transport. For instance, by navigating on certain websites, you can find a multitude of ribbons for everyday use or special occasions and celebration. From silver organza ribbon and polka dot ribbon to floral ribbon and curling ribbon, the options will truly amaze you. Even more, many companies create bespoke ribbon that perfectly matches the client’s tastes and needs. Take advantage of this possibility and print messages, positive quotes or hilarious jokes on your ribbon. Then attach it to your clothes or interior decorations to bring joy into your life.

Start with something simple-necklaces and bracelets

You should start with something simple and fast, like necklaces to make sure that your first project will be a success. Look carefully through your jewelry boxes and see if you find something that needs more personality. Then you can explore your wide range of ribbons and choose the most suitable model to attach to the necklace. Take into consideration the size, the color and the pattern. In addition, you should determine if you want to keep a simple aspect and add just one bow or if you want to go for an extravagant and eye-catching look and sew several bows next to each other. In the center of each bow you can place precious stones in neutral colors like white, silver and light grey if you wish to exude elegance and luxury. In terms of bows, you do not have to know complex techniques in order to create a classic bow and the bright side is that you can always improve your skills with practice and patience. By simply watching various tutorials where you can observe experts in action, you can gradually get the hand of it. If you have a long and wide piece of ribbon (black velvet would be perfect) and some big gold rings, you can combine them and obtain a beautiful statement necklace. The ribbon allows you to tie the ends at the back of your neck. With ribbon, the same principle applies to bracelets.

Personalized flowerpots make perfect gifts

Actually, you can make this project with any other decent looking container that you have at your disposal but flowerpots look more chic. You can find them in many sizes and fill them with something tasty, useful and of course, flowers. You can give them as a present or you can keep them and place them in several areas of your home, at the windows for instance. In order to customize them, you need retail tags because they give you the possibility to write anything you want, short messages and wishes like “Happy birthday”, “Thank you” or “Happy Easter”. Wrapping around the flowerpot a vintage ribbon will complete this project. It almost feels too easy, right? Well, you can go a step further and paint the pots. Nevertheless, make sure that the color of the pot and the ribbon matches. You can try different combinations: white container and red or blue embellishment, brown container and pink or yellow ribbon. If you know the other person for several years, you had the time to discover her preferences meaning that you probably already know what combination is more suitable. This should be relaxing and quite satisfying, apart from the fact that it will give your present a neat appearance. Everyone would be happy to receive such a gift because it shows the attention and care of the other person.

Embellish your wardrobe and footwear- transform your style

As everyone else, you probably have certain clothing articles that you threw at the back of the closet at some point in the past and forgot about them with the passage of time. Even though now you might believe that you cannot wear them anymore because the trends have changed, you could not be more wrong. Start a DIY project with the goal of embellishing even the dullest and out-fashioned pieces and you will be surprised by the results, not to mention that some of those pieces hold precious memories that you cannot just eliminate from your life. If you have a sewing machine or even just thread and needle, you can add delicate ribbon to the sleeves and collar of any coat. If ribbon is not enough to transform the piece of clothing, glue embellishment beadings onto the ribbon for shimmer. It will definitely make the coat stand out. When it comes to footwear, you can enhance shoes and even gumboots. For shoes, create a t-strap ribbon that you can wrap around the ankle. As for the boots, you can create several holes at the back and insert a long and wide ribbon then make a big bow.

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