Teachers not only play a significant role in the lives of their students, but also in the development and progress of the entire world. Thus, all of us owe a big thanks to these candelabras of knowledge, who have helped us in becoming what we are today, both in the personal as well as the professional spheres of our lives. Although we all have these deep feelings of gratitude towards our teachers in our heart, we often forget to express them, amidst the plenty of things we are preoccupied with. The Teachers’ Appreciation Week serves as a reminder for us, to express our deep feelings of thankfulness towards our teachers. But this year, things are quite different than usual and you cannot go out to meet your teachers during the special week, because of global lockdown. As a result, you are searching for ways to celebrate Teachers’ Appreciation Week, while staying back at home. This article presents some interesting ways through which you can express your love and acknowledgement to your teachers, while quarantined at home.

1.Creating a gratefulness journal for your teacher:
Have you ever noticed the joy on your teachers’ face after hearing a compliment of appreciation from students like you? That joy which your teachers feel at such moments, is so immense and profound that it gets clearly reflected on their faces. Now, imagine if a single complement of such kind, makes your teachers feel overwhelmed, what can happen, if you give them a long list of acknowledgements. That’s the beauty of this gift- a gratefulness journal. You can mention each and every moment of yours with your teachers and make them feel special. As you cannot go out and give it to your teachers, it is best to create a soft copy of your gratefulness journal in the form of a word document. By doing so, you can easily attach your gratefulness journal with an e-mail and send it to your lovely teachers, mentors and coaches.

2.Meeting your teachers virtually, via video calling:
Video calling enables us to meet with each other virtually. You can make use of this promising technology to virtually get along with your teachers for some time, during the Teachers’ Appreciation Week. In order to make it even more special for your teachers, you and your friends can together make a conference video call to your common teachers. It is certain that just the sight on an incoming video call from your side, will lighten up your teachers’ face with a big smile.

3.Penning down your feelings in an email letter:
Letter writing is one of the most traditional and most effective means of expressing your feelings. This is because a letter binds the sender and a receiver in an invisible yet strong thread of emotional connection. Thus, you can express your emotions of love, thankfulness and appreciation towards your teachers by penning down a letter. But this time, it is surely not possible for you to go out and post your love-filled letters to your teachers. So, you can write your letter by hand, click a picture and then use an emailing platform as the postman to deliver your token of love and appreciation to your teachers.

4.Taking to your social media account for the expression of gratitude:
In the times of the ongoing pandemic, where we are all quarantined at home, social media is playing a great role in keeping us connected. You can thus, take to your social media account, and post something for your teachers. It may be anything from a poem you have written to a collage of your pictures with your teachers. But do make sure that your teachers also use the same social media platform as only then you’ll be able to tag them in your post.

5.Making a painting and sending it as an email:
It is always very special for the teachers when students like you draw and paint something for them. Thus, you can get your drawing sheets, shading pencils and colors ready to create a beautiful painting for your teachers. In order to make it super special for your teachers, you can try and create a painting which describes the loving student-teacher relationships. If there is something else which you wish to create, that is perfectly fine too. Once you are done with the creation of your painting, you can click a picture and then send it to your teachers as an email.

6.Gifting your teacher with an e-book:
A ‘book’ to read can be a good gift for anyone, but when it comes to your teachers it can prove out to be a great one. No doubt, you cannot meet your teachers in real time and gift them a book to read, but you can still use online platforms to gift your teachers with an e-book. For example, you can download the kindle app, search for a good e-book and then click on the ‘Give as gift’ button. Along with kindle, Nook is another app, by using which you can send an e-book gift to your dear teachers.
7. Sending an audio message in your voice:
As discussed above, it is also very special for the teachers to get some appreciating compliments from students like you. Sending a thanksgiving audio message in your voice can be really overwhelming for your teachers. It is a great surety that your teachers will play your audio message over and over again and smile each time after listening to it. Therefore, you can write all your feelings on a piece of paper, then read them and record them in the form of an audio message for your teachers.

8.Letting e-gift cards express your love:
Another effective way to express your love and gratitude towards your teachers, in the current times of the pandemic, is to send e-gift cards to your teachers. Amazon, GiftRocket and Gift Cards.com are some online websites by using which you can send e-gift cards to your teachers. The process to be followed is fairly simple. You just have to visit a virtual gifts website and then fill in the amount you wish to gift to your teachers and then fill in their email id, along with a cordial message of Thanksgiving. Once you are done with the procedure, your teacher will receive an email with an e-gift card.

9.Taking your teacher on a virtual movie day out:
‘The best gift you can give to someone is your time’. These insightful words highlight how special it is for our loved ones, when we spend quality time with them and your teachers are no exception. They are always super elated and delighted when students like you, spend some time with them. This Teachers’ Appreciation week, you can gift your teachers your time, by inviting them for a virtual movie day out. For this, you just have to select a movie which centers around the loving teacher- student relationships, and watch it together with your teachers and school/college/coaching mates via video conferencing.

10.Playing games with your teachers:
As discussed above, it is a source of great joy for your teachers, when you spend some time with them. Playing games with your teachers on video conferencing is another way to brighten up your teachers’ day, this Teachers’ Appreciation Week. Pictionary, Charades and the game of words are some examples of games, which you can play with your teachers via video conferencing. But do make sure to begin the gaming session with some thanks giving messages for your teachers and also, end them with the same.

To conclude, Teachers’ Appreciation week is a great opportunity for you to express your love, gratitude and appreciation for your teachers. The above mentioned ways will help you in making the most of this opportunity, despite the ongoing situation of global lockdown.

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