Prejudice has been given much rise in the contemporary society; it is kind of negative phenomenon among people of different race, color or creed. Moreover, it can also be based on difference of opinion between people. This is the reason, teachers assign this topic to the students to make them understand there is no such thing as prejudice and if it exists, it must provoke healthy competition rather any negative emotions.

Students are not able to come up with a good piece of prejudice essays, not because they can’t write essays but probably because of the fact that they are not able to develop good titles for essays on prejudice. Thereby, we thought to provide them with some good prejudice essay topics so that the they can come up with a good piece of writing in no time.

We have divided topics for essay on prejudice into different categories that will make things much easier for you to decide.

Prejudice essay topics on literary work:

a- To kill a mocking bird - Exploring racism factors

There were many racism factors discussed and introduced by the author in the play, you just have to read the novel and point out the places where racism prejudices are identified.

b- In the heat of night – Prejudices related to the night

You have to again identify the places where racism has been subtly discussed in the novel; there was a small town in Mississippi which was scaling the heights of racism, so you will have to discuss those factors along with the touching story as well.

Prejudice essay topics on historical perspective:

a- Men in the field of nursing – conform or leave the job! (Prejudice essay topic on the
issue of Genders)

At a time, men was considered awkward for the field of nursing, you have to underline the factors which contributed to the rise of prejudice in the field.

b- Prejudices in the history - Why whites were superior over the blacks (Prejudice essay topic on the issue of historical racism)

The issue of racism in whites and blacks has always been the talk of the town; you must jot down where these issues took the hype in the world.

Prejudice essay topic on research work:

a- Theoretical research matters on adolescence bigotry (Prejudice essay topic on the issue of teenagers)

With the increase awareness, adults consider themselves as something and as a result they develop certain prejudices against the society they live in, friends, relatives, co-workers etc. You will have to underline the causes of the prevailing prejudice in young people particularly.

a- Theoretical research matters on prejudice and stereotypes (Prejudice essay topic on the issue of social psychology)

There are certain stereotypes in the society which are still consider as a truth which is a grave issue, jot down some of the very famous stereotypes in the prejudice essay.

Prejudice essay topics on the religion of Christianity:

a- Prejudices on the pre pondering teaches of Christianity

b- Should Christianity be prejudiced?

Hence, you must first understand the meaning of prejudice if you want to write good essays on prejudice for the essay exams.

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