Whey protein is the first requirement for every muscle building across the globe. But how many of you that it is not only good for mass gain; instead, it is good for those who exercise daily.

Seems doubtful?

No, there are numerous misconceptions associated with whey protein, restricting its usage to only muscle-building niches. Moreover, there are numerous interesting facts about whey protein that many of you don't know.

So, here are seven well-known facts about whey protein that every one of you must know.

Whey Protein isn't Made Artificially: Whey is a naturally derived diary product. Cow milk has primarily two ingredients where 80% is casein protein (used for Paneer/Cheese), and 20% is whey protein. Mostly your mom throws away the liquid left during Paneer or cheese making. Interestingly, that left-away liquid is the whey protein that most of you don't know. The left-away liquid is dried out and converted into powder format, creating a saturated whey protein.

Whey Protein Contains More than Just Protein: YES! It's incorrect if you think that whey protein only contains protein. Chemically, proteins are just a chain of amino acids. The human body requires nearly 20 amino acids. Interestingly, 9 out of 20 are self-made within the human body. For the rest essential amino acids, you need an additional intake source, and Whey protein fulfills that requirement. Meat and dairy products are the primary sources of those amino acids, and hence Whey protein fulfills your body's amino acid requirement to the fullest.

Whey isn't just about Convenience: Consuming a scoop of whey has many alternatives too. E.g., consuming a scoop of whey protein is equivalent to consuming ~6 eggs, 100gm chicken breast, 150gm Paneer, or ~1 liter of milk. However, the primary reason for consuming whey is that it is in powder format, which easily and quickly dissolves in your body, offering quick results. Post-workout, your body needs fast healing, and whey protein gets digested & dissolved in your body quickly. Hence, your body gets immediate results when healing fatigue and muscle pumping.

Whey Protein isn't about Magical Results: If you want to gain mass, whey protein is an excellent option to add to your diet. However, this doesn't mean they can give you magical results. Hard work needs patience and time. Hence, you must work hard and stay dedicated to your efforts. It's false to say that whey protein gives you 100% guaranteed results in the shortest time. Whey protein gives you results quicker than other dietary items, but it still takes time to provide the desired outcome.

NOTE: Whey Protein is a protein supplement for people who want to gain mass, but also for those who exercise regularly.

If you are still considering "Whey Protein," aka Protein Powder, as a doubtful supplement, it's time to overwhelm your incorrect facts and research well and omit your misconceptions. Right and adequate knowledge is a must when you are adding something to your diet. Further, proper consultation with your physician or trainer is a must before adding Whey Protein to your regular diet.

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