Islam has the complete code of life. Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every region of the world and practicing the teaching of Islam. It is the psychology of every Muslim to know about Islam in detail, its aspects, forbidden things in Islam, its teachings and to know the Holy Quran and the facts of the Holy Quran.

As it is an interesting thing to know, after doing the much detail research on it I came to know about the facts of the Holy Quran. So, today I came here to throw some light on the facts of Holy Quran, and some of the facts of the Holy Quran are as follows and Hajj In 2018 Packages by UmrahExperts are the best way to see the Cave Hira where this Holy Narration revealed.

Facts of the Holy Quran:

• There are the 30 parts of the Holy Quran
• The best night is the Night of Power in Ramadan (Laylat al Qadr)
• Reading 1 verse in Ramadan is equal to reading the entire Quran in other months
• There are 114 Surahs in the Holy Quran
• 114 times Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem is repeated in the Quran
• All Surahs starts with Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem except for Surat “Al Tawbah”
• Surat “Al Namel is the only Surah which has Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem in its body
• The Quran will complain of people that didn’t recite it on Judgment Day
• The longest surah in the Quran is Al-Baqarah
• The shortest surah in the Quran is Al-Kawthar
• The Quran will intercede for people who recited it on Judgment Day
• Milk is the best drink mentioned in the Quran
• The best month is Ramadan according to the Holy Quran
• Honey is the best food mentioned in the Quran
• The most disliked thing by Allah, although is halal, or Divorce
• Surat Al-Ikhlas is considered 1/3 of the Quran
• Surat Yaseen is the HEART of the Quran
• Quran was revealed over 23 years 13 years in Mecca and 10 years in Medina
• Surat Al-Dahr was revealed with respect to Ahlul Bayt (P)
• Surat Al Nissa speaks about laws of marriage
• Whoever reads one letter of the Quran gets 10 Rewards
• Ramadan is the spring of the Holy Quran
• The Holy Quran is the only Holy Book which is present in its pure form
• The Holy Quran is the only Book in the world which can memorize word to word
• The Holy Quran is the book which is most read in the world

These are the some of the facts of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is one of the blessings of the Allah Almighty on us. As we can see that Quran will complain about those who don't recite it frequently so we must read the Holy Quran and thanks to Allah for bestowing it on us. And there is no better place to thank Allah other than in his own house.

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