Africa is a huge nation, full of a vast geography, a rich culture, an inherited culture which is colorful as well as steeped in imagery, fold music, dance etc. Every nation has a history and a geography that is full of interesting figures and facts about Africa, some of which are going to be shared in this article. If one is asked to describe some understanding of the African nation, the first thought or category that springs to one’s thoughts is that of Africa’s huge geography. One of thought-provoking facts about Africais the way the total quantity of countries in this continent totals up to about fifty four, which would go to indicate precisely how vast this continent really is. The African continent also has two territories which come under the disputed categories, which tend to be: Somaliland and Western Sahara, which basically comprises of the desert. In the year 2011, South Sudan was put into Africa’s list of nations as well.

The second geographical facts about Africa relates to its maximum and lowest points, with the highest one being its tallest mountain which passes the name of Mount Kilimanjaro. This mountain is located in the country of Tanzania and measures up to around 19, 340 feet which, if converted, if a total of 5895 meters. It can be a beautiful mountain, and if often visited by visitors and climbers alike which adds to the tourism industry of Africa as well. The lowest point is situated in the African country of Djibouti and it is a lake called Lake Assal, and it lies at approximately 155m beneath the level of sea, which is about 515 feet. Thought there are numerous deserts in Africa, the one that can properly be assumed to be the largest on is the Sahara Desert, which starts off from North Africa and then runs across a significant portion of at least a dozen African countries. Its distance is approximately nine million square kilometers, which if converted, equals to about 3. 5 square miles. It is actually even one of the largest deserts in the world and includes a movie; The Sahara, based on it featuring Mathew McConaughey and Salma Hayek.

Another of geographical facts about Africa is regarding its water, and focuses on the longest river as well as the largest lake in this continent. The Nile is considered to be the greatest river flowing through not only Africa but additionally the world, running completely from Uganda to Egypt that totals a distance of 4, 132 miles. The largest lake is Lake Victoria located in Eastern Africa, close to Kenya and also Uganda. In terms of other lakes in the world, it ranks second and it has a distance of 26, 560 square miles and water to the River Nile too. Madagascar takes the credit for being Africa’s largest island, as well as being the fourth largest across the globe. It is approximately 1000 miles in length and 250 miles in width. The equator itself runs around six African countries in this continent as well as the largest waterfall is the Victoria Falls.

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