Formal education hardly ever teaches us the vital life skills that we need to have a good personal life or launch a successful career or business. Therefore, we often have to work hard to create the best versions of ourselves to make the most out of life. That is the essence of personal development.

Fortunately, we don’t have to figure out everything on ourselves. We can turn to experts who create courses to help us improve ourselves and our lifestyles.

Here are some online self development courses that will help you improve your station in life.

Dates and Relationships

The Ultimate Guide to Love, Dating & Relationships (Kain Ramsay): In this course, you learn a great deal about interpersonal relationships. You come to understand what makes both romantic and professional relationships tick. Kain teaches you how to defuse disagreements before they even begin. You also learn how to communicate more effectively. Generally, the principles you acquire help you strengthen your relationships.
Duration: 6hr 38min. Charges: $11.99.

Body Language of Love and Dating (Vanessa Van Edwards): Finding love is never straightforward. To make it even tougher, we are never taught how to attract the right person. This course encompasses everything you need to know about body communication and romance. Body signals attract the right person and help make a good first impression. Vanessa also teaches you how to read your partner’s body expressions during courtship and act appropriately. She also teaches you to make the right moves at the right time to move things forward.
Duration: 3hr 48min. Charges: $11.99.

Entrepreneurship and Investment

Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills (Chris Croft): In this course, you learn how to become a good negotiator in all kinds of scenarios. This skill is important because it can help you maximize your profits and improve your terms. You will learn how to be confident during negotiations and increase your bargaining power. The skills you learn can also help you in personal situations.
Duration: 1hr 47min. Charges: $11.99

Body Language for Entrepreneurs (Vanessa Van Edwards): Non-verbal communication is important in business. With poor body expression, your chances at success are slimmer. Sadly, nobody ever teaches people how to carry themselves during these formal interactions. This course teaches you how to use body positioning and actions to become more assertive in business.
Duration: 5.5 hours. Charges: $11.99

Value Investing Bootcamp: How to Invest Wisely (Nick Kraakman): In this course, you will learn how you can develop a successful investment strategy. Nick focuses on value investing. He teaches you how to create and then manage your portfolio. You will also learn how to maximize your ROI in a sensible way.
Duration: 4hr 16min. Charges: $11.99.


Double Your Confidence and Self Esteem – complete Blueprint (Jimmy Naraine): In this course, Jimmy teaches you how to be better at socializing. Confidence is one of the most important aspects of socializing. Jimmy will show you how you can exude confidence on command. You will also learn to make better first impressions. Finally, you will eliminate fear and anxiety and will be more comfortable in social settings.
Duration: 7.5 hours. Charges: $11.99.

Career Advancement

The Complete Job, Interview, Resume/LinkedIn and Network Guide (Chris Haroun): This course is for people who want to advance their careers. Chris teaches you how to network and open yourself up for opportunities. And then, once you land the opportunities, he teaches you how to take them by acing the interviews.
Duration: 12 hours. Charges: $11.99.

Management Skills: New Manager Training in Essential Skills (Lawrence M. Miller): If you are up for a management role, you need to take this course. Many people have technical skills but lack the ability to manage other people effectively. In this course, Lawrence teaches you how to motivate and develop your team members. He also teaches you how to lead your team in the right way to achieve set objectives.
Duration: 11 hours. Charges: $11.99.


Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading and Boost Memory (Jonathan Levi, Lev Goldentouch, Anna Goldentouch): Speed learning is important to students, hobbyists, and professionals. This online course teaches you how to learn new things quickly and effectively. You will also improve your reading skills and your ability to remember the things you learn.
Duration: 5.5 hours. Charges: $11.99.

Become a SuperDemon: Productivity Tricks to Have more time (Jonathan Levi): Time management and productivity go hand-in-hand. Do you feel like you are too busy to have any free time? Do you wonder how some people get so much done with the same amount of time? In this course, Jonathan teaches you how to get the most out of your day. You will learn how to do everything you have to do and have enough time to pursue your goals.
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes. Charges: $11.99.

Life Purpose

Finding Your Life's Purpose (by Eckhart Tolle): To have a fulfilling life, you need to find your true purpose. To find purpose, you need to live in the present. Eckhart helps you ground yourself and live in the moment. Once you master how to live in the now, life will feel more calm and peaceful and you will find purpose. You will also stop thinking compulsively and think more meaningfully.
Duration: 1hr 40min. Charges: $11.99

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