There has always been a sense that Virtual Reality (VR) is futuristic and out of reach for the average person. However, these days it is software. It is the stuff that you can do with VR that is the important aspect because, in the past, VR did exist, but the computing power or understanding wasn't available. Fortunately, there are many VR activities that you can participate in, ranging from good old-fashioned gaming to...well, read on to find out!

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How Does VR Work?

Virtual Reality, or VR, has been around for quite some time, but it's only recently that the technology has been getting a lot of attention. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of an environment that people can experience without physically being there. Often, this is done by wearing a headset that generates a virtual world for the user to immerse themselves in. It combines both hardware and software to process virtual Reality. You can use a hardware component to view, while a software component is used to create an environment for viewing. It uses what is known as positional tracking to understand where it is in time and space. This allows it to accurately update the image you see as you move your head.

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What Can You Do With It?

VR headsets can be used in many ways. From gaming and films to pornography, the internet is full of compelling use cases. Nevertheless, before you get started, you inevitably need to purchase a headset. The leading players include:

Oculus: Wholly owned by Facebook since 2014, Oculus has been at the forefront of consumer VR headsets. A great choice and they continually develop their systems.
Valve: Valve is the computer game company behind the gaming store Steam. Due to their gaming pedigree, their Index VR kit is well-suited to games.
Sony: Like Valve, they have a gaming background with their Playstation consoles, and their own offering is a fine choice.
HTC: Formerly of smartphone fame, now it seems they have placed their eggs in the VR basket. Nevertheless, their Vive is a great choice and can be used for several activities.

Interestingly, the same industry that dictates the advancement of technology is also driving VR forward. Which industry is that? It is non-other than pornography, the final arbiters in the argument between video formats, storage servers, and now it seems VR! To utilize your VR headset, you need to find a website that uses the tech. However, finding the best VR porn can be tricky as it is still an up-and-coming technology. Nevertheless, by searching online, you should be able to find something that tantalizes your tastes. These sites are typically not so heavy on the storylines and are primarily filmed in the Point Of View style (POV) to immerse you into the action better. If you have a headset and haven't tried yet, you are lying or need to get out and get started!


This is another area where VR has the potential to go mainstream. While it may ultimately be porn that decides on specific formats, it will likely be gaming that brings it to the mainstream. The games that seem to be best suited to VR are those that involve racing or first-person RPG adventure. Some of the most famous VR games to date include:

Beat Saber: This is arguably the most famous since it went viral on Tik Tok. Essentially the game revolves around you beating colored objects with virtual sabers to the beat of the music. Pretty inspiring stuff.
Wipeout Omega: This one is proprietary to the Sony Playstation, but you play as a racer, and it can get pretty immersive.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR: A perfect example of the benefits of VR gaming. It takes the hugely popular RPG Skyrim and immerses you into the world. It takes a little getting used to, but it is fun nonetheless.
Fallout 4 VR: This is another RPG but set in the future rather than fantasy. In any case, VR brings these games to life.

Although this industry has yet to fully embrace VR (it is still licking its wounds from the 3D fiasco), there are some exciting options available to movie lovers. One of the more interesting is a VR version of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. By using your headset, you can look around and feel like you are part of the story. While the movie industry may never fully get into VR for cost reasons, there should be some interesting films made by up-and-coming directors who decide to make use of it.

Virtual Reality is an exciting technology, and although it has been around for some time, it is only just beginning to go mainstream. From RPG games to pornography, there are plenty of ways to be entertained using your set.

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