Nowadays, organizations spend huge amount of money in providing training to their employees. Employers not only train the new recruits but also provide training to their existing employees. In order to provide product training, e-learning methods are used due to their effectiveness. E-learning encourages interaction among the learners, and hence it is also known as interactive learning. Social media, urban computing and game based learning are some of the components of this type of leaning process. Social media is constantly becoming popular and is boosting the learning process. Being an important part of interactive learning, urban computing facilitates interaction between the people and their environment with the help of search engines, smart phones, Mac books and PDAs.

Game based learning is a unique e-leaning concept popular in organizations. The fantasy element in games keeps the players engaged in the learning activity with the help of storylines and narrative. Usually theoretical training doest not grab much attention and many consider it a boring activity. Game based learning process is free from this limitation. Learners work towards the goal within this type of learning environment. In the process, they select actions and face the consequences for such actions. In risk-free settings, mistakes are made by the learners and they learn the right way to execute things through continuous experimentation. This keeps the learners engaged in practicing thought processes and behaviors that can be changed from stimulated environment to real life.

Success of this type of learning process owes to the proper interaction and active participation of learners. Employees remain engaged in the learning process as it is entertaining and full of activities. An expansive category, game based learning ranges from ordinary paper and pencil games to complex online games as well as role playing games. Collaborative game based role-play enables the learners to implement the knowledge attained by them and get necessary feedback. A part of e-learning, mobile learning also holds an important place in the present corporate environment. Nowadays, the importance of mobile devices cannot be under estimated. These devices help in providing training to employees at any place and any time.

Modules can be transferred to the mobile devices and one can easily access the information from any distant location. Employees who travel frequently can benefit from mobile learning as they need not miss any important learning session. Acceptability of e-learning has eliminated traditional learning methods in organizations across the globe.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes interactive learning, mobile learning and other Learning & Development matters.