What is your intention in this moment? Just pause for a moment and consider. What is the intention behind anything you may be doing? For instance, what is the intention that underlies reading this article?

You may say that it is to gain knowledge. Good. But in truth that is a reason. So ask again, what is the intention of that?

If you keep digging down through all the actions and reasons, you will find that the intention is to achieve a certain state of being. Those states may be depicted as Peace, Joy, Balance, Bliss, for example. So perhaps you are reading this article with the intention that something you learn will bring you to a state of bliss. I hope that happens!

As an example let’s consider imaginary Jane who may think that her intention in going to work is to bring home money. That is a reason for going to work, but the intention is much greater. She may want to earn money so that she can buy a house…so that she can live in comfort…so that she can be at Peace.

Essentially, she goes to work with the intention of feeling at peace. Using that chain of thought, consider the intention of your own work.

Is there intention related to everything that you do or think throughout the day, in each moment? Or does your day consist of reactions to others and circumstances, or proceeding on autopilot, or based on tradition or habit? These unconscious or reactive moments may not be based on any reason or intention. It’s a scary thought, but that is the way it is for many, many people.

You don’t have to be one of them! And likely, if you are on my mail list or website, and reading my articles, you are striving for greater awareness and mindfulness.

Let’s use our imaginations for a moment. Think of each moment of our lives as cells (just so we can visualize an object). Each of those cells contains the intention that correlates to that moment. Visualize what you would find in each of those cells. Are some empty? Are some filled with negative intentions (revenge, retaliation)? Are some filled with fearful intentions (avoidance, evasion, neediness)?

How many of your cells (moments) are filled with the intention of experiencing bliss, joy, peace?
Remember that the answer will require a lot of honesty. We may think we allow ourselves to get stressed during the day because we intend to achieve some goal that will bring us happiness, but in that moment of stress and striving, the cell is filled with anxiety or some similar motivation. That particular moment is not filled with bliss.

So now take those imaginary cells or moments and take away time. In other words all the cells are clumped together into one large mass at one time, without the flow of time. What do you imagine that your mass of moments would reflect as your primary intention? Is it pleasant? Is it where you want to be always? If it is a blend of intentions and states, what are they?

Our imaginary friend, Jane, may notice that her primary intention is to be kind to people. That is only on the surface. She needs to ask herself why. Is she kind because she has been told that is the right thing to do? Then her intention is to follow rules, perhaps to be considered a good citizen. If she thinks that will cause people will like her, then there is manipulation in her intention. She is altering her natural behavior or inclination in order to convince people to feel a certain way about her, when she thinks that otherwise they would not.

Yet, perhaps Jane is kind to people because she purely enjoys the state of being that she experiences in that moment, without expectation of their response or friendship, or any other outcome. Now that would be a whole chunk of bliss, wouldn’t it?

What have you come up with as your primary intention, the state of being that you mostly experience?
If you are disappointed in your response, if it is not up to the standard that you want to experience in this lifetime, then do this simple exercise:

Close your eyes, and imagine the ideal state of being. This is how you want to feel as often as possible. You may decide to choose something like peace or bliss. Then, imagine what it would feel like to be in that state now. Allow it to permeate your being. Turn up the volume. You may even want to imagine a symbol that would represent this state, so that you can return to it at any time simply by thinking of this symbol.

Then, throughout your days use this state as your center, as your standard. Continually bring yourself back to this state whenever you feel you have strayed into old patterns or negative thoughts and intentions. Use this as a measurement when choosing to spend time with friends, acquaintances, relationships. And use it when choosing your work, events to attend, and activities and circumstances that you are involved in.

If people or events continually drag you away from your intended state, you may want to take action to remove yourself from their presence. This state may guide you to make changes in your life at the outset, and it may seem scary to leave friends or activities behind. Yet, growth requires change, and when you get to an ideal state of being, you will be happy to dwell there for an eternity. Sounds like heaven, wouldn’t you say?


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