One cannot rely on the same skills set in the industry he or she needs to get updated from time to time to be in the race or survive in the industry. Similarly, that happens with the products, organizations. Products need to be updated from time to time to be in the market because of its simple changes in the product makes customers happy and attract customers to buy it. And before the new product is launched their numerous operations are performed to finalize it. One of the main operations is prototyping which requires large finance.

Prototyping requires more time and money and to minimize the cost and time of prototyping industries have adopted 3d printing technology. It helps industries to think more flexibly and help them to save the prototyping cost. Some organization buys 3D printer and make use of it while prototyping some may take benefits of 3D printing services provided by 3D printing companies and industries.
One of the main intent of 3d printing is to minimize the large machine into small for the showcase at exhibitions. Sometimes it happens the company cannot carry its large machine for the showcase in the exhibition and end up showcasing their machine Broucher which does not attract any visitors and customers. For such cases, 3d printing has been the solution which reduces heavy machinery's to a small machine for the exhibition that helps to attract the visitors and can have looked to actual how the machine may look and function.

Talking about the other uses of 3d printing in the industries, 3d printing has helped builders to demonstrate their project to the client before starting it by providing a look at the project using 3d model. 3d printing used to show the 3d view of any area by experiencing the real view. 3d printing has helped gift shops by providing 3d printed sculpture to the customers. 3d printing is a flexible technology and can be used by many industries.

Talking about the 3d printing service providers, these are the companies that deal with the 3d printing and offer 3d printed models at affordable rates even common man can make use of their service. During the lockdown period, 3d printing industry has grown faster by providing 3d printed healthcare products to healthcare workers, doctors.

One of the Best 3d printing service providers in Delhi is Autoabode Consumer Electronics Private Limited which has been providing its clients with the best services in every industry. From healthcare to the automotive industry with the advantage of door to door delivery.3d printing technology has been adopted by many industries similarly, Autoabode has provided its services to various industries.

Now, talking about the industries using 3d printing services, Healthcare Industry, Automotive Industry, Architect Industry, Home Decor, options for Interior Designer, Jewelry Design, Geographical data 3D imaging, and many more.

The Healthcare industry was impacted by the pandemic in recent times very badly. 3d printing technology was the one that provided much support to the healthcare industry.3D printed mask, 3D printed face shields, 3D printed Ventilators components these were the main products that were provided to the healthcare industry at the low cost and time. Apart from these doctors have been using this technology to study the pre-surgical model using 3d models and which helps them to understand and think out of the box.
The automotive industry has been using these technologies for prototyping purposes. Every day new cars, new bikes, and many mechanical products are launched. Before the release of any new product, a low-cost prototype is made at the small level to test its quality, it's working, its strength. 3d printing has been the best option for the automotive industry to prototyped their product at low cost and less time-consuming. It helps them to understand the weakness of the product.
3d printing has also opened options for home decorations, interior designers, architectures in different ways.3d printed decorated products, 3d printed pots, 3d printed models for architectural design, and many more.

Geographical data 3D imaging is the best way to use 3d printing technology. Any government organization, defense forces, civil engineers make use of 3d printing in analyzing the data of any geographical area. Government organization uses 3d printing to analyze data of area for construction and development purpose. It gives them a detailed data of that area with precision and helps them to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the projects. Talking about the defense forces, defense forces use this technology to understand the terrain of any area so that they familiar with the dangerous peaks and treks. They get an idea of the depth and height of the area they are going and that helps them to prepare and plan their way.

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