When it comes to nutrition,it must be mentioned that there are all sorts of foods:some super foods are your greatest allies against extra weight,while others stimulate your cognitive function and improve your memory.But on the other side some foods are known to have a bad effect on the the functionality of your brain and nutritionist advise us to consume them moderately in order to limit their negative impact.So having said this,here are the foods that kill or weaken your intelligent slowly but surely:

Sugar Products

Sugar and sugary products are bad not only for your waist,but for your brain performance also.Long term consumption of sugar will produce a wealth of neurological issues, and may also interfere along with your memory.On the other side sugar can also interfere with your ability to learn,that's why it is counseled to avoid pre-baked goods,sugar,corn syrup and product that are very rich in fructose.


Alcohol is know to harm your liver in the long usage,and it additionally causes what's is recognized as "brain fog".Just as the name suggest,the term of brain fog refers to a mental confusion,it acts like a cloud that impact your ability to think properly,as well as your memory.Have you ever noticed that you can't remember item names,or you cannot recall certain events or you are not sure whether they are dreams or they actually happened?.This might be caused by the high alcohol intake which impacts the balance of the brain.Fortunately,these symptoms can be reversible provided that you stop consuming alcohol,or you limit your intake to at least 1 or 2 drinks per week.

Junk Foods

A recent study show that junk foods can change the chemicals in the brains,therefor leading to symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.Besides,foods that very high in fat may also trigger some symptoms that are similar to the signs of withdrawal when you stop consuming them.These foods affect the the production of dopamine,an important chemical that promotes happiness and an overall feeling of well-being.Moreover dopamine also supports the cognitive performance,learning capability,alertness,motivation and memory.This is why it is important to avoid all foods that contain too much fat.

Fried Foods

Almost all processed foods have or do contain chemicals,dyes,addictive,artificial flavors,preservatives and as such these can affect the behavour and the cognitive function due to the chemical that causes hyperactivity,both in youngsters and adults.Fried or processed foods slowly destroys the nerve cells located in the brain.But however some oil are more dangerous than others-sunflower oil considered to be among the most toxic ones.

Pre-cooked Foods

Just like fried foods,process or pre-cooked foods also impact your central nervous system and they also increase the risk of developing a degenerative brain disorder later in live e.g Alzheimer's disease.

Very Salty Foods

Everybody knows that salt foods affect your blood pressure and they are very hard on your heart.However,as research suggest,foods that contain high amount of salt can affect your cognitive function and impair your ability to think.Otherwise stated salty foods affects your intelligence!As a matter of truth,the consumption of salty foods and nicotine have been show to have the same effects as medicine,as they cause harsh withdrawal symptoms and cravings for salty foods.

Grains,Except 100% Whole grain

All sorts of grains have an impact on your brain function and your overall health,except for 100% whole grain which is very rich and fiber and it is know to prevent arterial aging.If you consume regular grains,your body risk to age quicker than it is supposed to and you can also experience memory loss and brain fog.Having aforementioned,try swapping the regular carbs for the complex carbohydrate-all you need to do is to opt for whole grain bread.

Processed Proteins

Protein are the building blocks of muscles and they are very important for the proper functioning of your body.Meat have the richest supply of high-quality protein,but avoid too processed protein like hot dogs,salami,sausages .Unlike the natural proteins that help your body insulate the nervous system,processed proteins do exactly the reverse especially tuna,salmon,dairy,walnuts and seeds as these ar'e natural,high-quality protein sources.

Avoid Trans Fats

Trans fats cause a series of issues,from heart connected issues to elevated cholesterol and fatness.However,they are unhealthy for your brain-they also make your brain more sluggish,they have an affect on your reflexes and therefore the quality of your brain responses-not to mention that they increase the risk of stroke!Trans fat can also have other effects on brain(if consumed for too long,they result in a shrinking brain caused by Alzheimer disease).This brain shrinkage takes place because of the fact, that trans fats slowly lower the stroke risk by simply limiting your intake of trans fat.

Artificial Sweeteners

When people try to loss weight,they will or tent to become slim overnight by simply replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners.It is true that artificial sweeteners do contain less calories,but they will really do a lot more harm than good! if used for an extended period,artificial sweeteners can cause brain damage and interfere with your cognitive capacity.Especially if one use high amounts of sweetener.


It is true that nicotine is not really a food product,it still wrecks havoc on your brain by restricting the flow of blood to important organs along with the regular flow of glucose and oxygen.Nicotine not solely causes premature aging, unhealthy breath and poses accumulated risk for cancer of the lung,but additionally affects the production and the function of neurotransmitters by tightening the capillaries, the small blood vessels that play an important role when it comes to your brain function.

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