Health insurance firms could regain trust of policy owners and prospective clients. They could improve health insurance for individuals through several recommended ways.

Before the onset of the 21st century, providers of health insurance for individuals, through the national trade association, established a code of conduct. It pledged adherence only to professional ethics and high quality standards in the industry. The principle was clearly ‘patients first.’ Logically, not all patients and health insurance policy owners would agree that the conduct is being followed.

Thus, there is a need for health insurers to regain trust and at the same time improve their products. Here are several suggested ways for them to effectively do so. It would be best if the industry would do something about these.

Eliminate Rescissions Or Cancellations Of Policies

Health insurers should eliminate rescissions or cancellations of policies due to innocent mistakes occurring during applications. Such actions should also be relaxed for policyholders who incurred injury or sickness. Health insurance employees and contractors should also not be offered bonuses for rescissions.

To clear doubts and complaints about premiums linked to health insurance for individuals, the amounts should be subjected to transparent and fair accounting and pricing practices. The substantial bulk of funds generated from such premiums should be spent first and foremost on policy holders’ healthcare.

There Should Be Transparent And Clear Access To Medical Insurance Care

The benefits should be provided to all policy owners in a timely manner. There should also be geographically accessible at in-network rate, preferred, and conveniently accessible physician lists or directories, which indicate which doctors are not in the network or are only available through tiered plans.

Respectful Relationships

Respectful relationships should exist between the insurers, the enrollees, the physicians, and all other partners. There should be inclusion of fair contracting and protection of all patients’ medical information. At the same time, there should be appropriate deference to physicians’ skills and judgments.

Medically Necessary Care Should Be Prioritized

Medically necessary care should be prioritized instead of the definitions for economic benefits of specific health plans. Prudent physicians, instead of insurance officers in every situation, should appropriately and accurately define medical care.

Clear Information On Benefit Restrictions

There should be clear information especially on benefit restrictions to the physician and the patient. Benefits offered by health insurance for individuals should always be based on clinically accurate and appropriate medical guidelines.

Comply With All Legislations And Policies

Health insurance companies should always make it a point to conduct business only with the highest levels of their corporate citizenship. Thus, they should comply with all legislations and policies affecting their business and clinical operations.

Claims For Health Insurance Provided Patients In An Accurate And Timely Manner

Lastly, claims for health insurance for individuals must always be provided to patients in an accurate and timely manner. The insurers should provide clear explanations of how every claim is being handled. Thus, they need to provide fee schedules, edits on claims, and pay policies, which should be disclosed and made available easily.

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