Our Insurance Policy

We believe it is essential that our analysis and research is customised to each client. The detail can be extremely important when it comes to insurance cover and this is why we conduct a detailed process.

We value accurate amounts of cover, so you are not over insured. We research a range of providers to ensure you receive a competitive market rate.

We value optimising the structure of your insurance to ensure you achieve your financial objectives in the short and long term.

We believe the less wealth you have the more important it is to have protection as any financial burden placed on you and your family by accident or illness can be devastating.

The premium structure of your cover can also make significant differences to your wealth over time. For this reason, we believe in optimising a combination of stepped and level premiums to suit your situation by proving Insurance Advice Melbourne.

Educate you about your options, explaining risks and probabilities
Investigate your personal health and employment circumstances
Evaluate your personal risks and insurance preferences
Calculate your insurance strategy
Research a panel of insurers to find a cost effective solution
Make a recommendation for cover with a specific insurer
Manage the implementation of your insurance recommendation
Monitor your cover in accordance with your life changes and modify policies when necessary.

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