More and more insurance companies are refusing to cover young drivers at all. They no longer want to take on the high risk that posed by this age group, so they choose to withdraw cover completely. When it comes to insurance, young drivers make up the highest percentage of the claims, which is well known among the insurers. Young drivers are involved in more accidents than older, more experienced drivers and this is exactly the sort of statistical evidence that directly feeds into how insurers decide their premiums.

You cannot escape the facts about accidents involving young drivers. Young males in particular are involved in more accidents as a result of excessive speed, and the very fact of their inexperience on the road will inevitably lead to a greater likelihood of accidents. More accidents means more claims, which costs insurers money, which is why premiums are very high. But the law states you must have insurance in order to drive any vehicle on the road in the UK, so what are young drivers supposed to do?

Insurance Young Drivers - Choices

It is probably best to be added to your parents insurance when you first start driving. You will be able to drive any vehicle that is covered under their insurance. Their insurance premium will go up but it will be cheaper than you trying to get insurance on your own.

Look on the internet for motor insurance companies. There are plenty of companies all vying for your business. If you have experience from driving under your parents insurance and have a clean driving record, this will aid you in getting insurance. Some online motor insurance companies will offer a 10 percent discount for purchasing their cover online. Since there are so many companies, you can shop around for the best price. Some sites will offer quotes from several different companies. These sites can be very handy and can save you time in your search for a good insurer.

Insurance Young Drivers - How to Lower Your Premiums

You can get lower rates on your premiums by taking a driving course. The Pass Plus programme in the UK is widely accepted by many insurance companies. This programme will teach you how to drive under different driving conditions. Some examples are all weather driving, driving in town, motorway driving, and driving at night. There are other conditions included in the programme also. Your driving skills are tested along the way so there is no big test at the end of the programme.

It is very important to keep your driving record clean. To get cheaper insurance young drivers must drive safely. That means no traffic fines. Do not speed or break any traffic laws that could get you ticketed. These will all be reported to your insurer and will affect your future premiums. By driving safely and keeping a clean driving record you may be able to get a lower rate.

Do not modify your vehicle. Modifications are frowned upon by insurance companies. Car modifications make a car more appealing to thieves and they are more expensive to repair. To keep your premiums more affordable keep your vehicle as it is.

Buy a small car or a used car. New cars are expensive to repair or replace. Remember the bigger the engine in a car the more the insurance will be, so stick to smaller engines.

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