Kill the ability to electric gadgets, for example, sound and lights.

Kill the motor, at that point open the cap.

Associate the primary jumper link to your vehicle's battery positive (+) terminal.

Expel the cover from the under hood intertwine box.

Interface the opposite end of the principal jumper link to the supporter battery positive (+) terminal.

Utilize a 12 volt supporter battery as it were. When utilizing the car battery charger to support your 12-volt battery, select a lower charging voltage than 15 volt.

Associate the second jumper link to the sponsor battery negative (- ) terminal.

Associate the opposite end of the second jumper link to the stud rush as appeared. Try not to interface this jumper link to some other part.

On the off chance that the jumper link is associated with another vehicle, begin the helping vehicle's motor and increment motor's upheaval marginally.

Endeavor to begin your vehicle's motor. On the off chance that it turns over gradually, watch that the jumper links have great metal-to-metal contact.


A battery can detonate on the off chance that you don't take after the right system, genuinely harming any one adjacent.

Keep all sparkles, open blazes, and smoking materials from the battery.

On the off chance that a battery sits in extraordinary chilly, the electrolyte inside can solidify.

Endeavoring to kick off with a solidified battery can make it crack.

Safely connect jumper links cuts with the goal that they don't fall off when motor vibrates.

Additionally be mindful so as not to tangle the jumper links or enable the link closures to contact each other while appending or segregating the jumper link.

Battery execution debases in cool conditions and may keep the motor from beginning.

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