If you do a bit of research on the internet, you will discover a number of websites promising to teach you how to have a deep voice. What is interesting about these ‘quack’ sites and even more questionable ‘authorities,’ is that not everyone has the ability to be a bass. It just isn’t possible.

What you should strive to achieve is the best voice you have. And, believe me, you have a better voice inside of you. It’s been there, just waiting to come out. What I can tell you is that there is a 99% likelihood that your ‘real’ or true voice will be deeper in pitch than your habitual one. What you need to realize, however, is that your true voice will be deeper but it might not necessarily make you a bass voice that like of vin Diesel or James Earl Jones.

What if, however, your voice had the range of George Clooney? He is not a deep bass but women swoon over his looks as well as his sound. Another voice that is not bass is that of Kevin Spacey. Spacey, however, has one of the best voices in the business in part because his diction is so good.

[Of course, there is also the female voice. Here again, women will find the pitch of their ‘real’ or true speaking voice to be somewhat deeper as well. This should not worry you, however, because the truly great female voices are all deeper in pitch: Diane Sawyer, Kate Beckinsale, Julia Ormond, Kathleen Turner, and Cher.]

What these actors all exemplify in their sound is warmth, both male and female. There are no edges or stridency in their voices like you would find with the likes of The Nanny character, for example.

The problem with trying to push your voice too low in pitch is that you can do serious damage to your vocal folds (cords). Often radio DJ’s experience this type of abuse because they are forcing their pitch to a level that is below their range. The result is growths or nodules on their vocal folds that can permanently affect the quality of their sound. Trying to get rid of these nodes is not easy either. The best way to do that is not to speak for months or to undergo surgery.

Your vocal apparatus is individual to you. You may discover that indeed you have a deep bass voice but you may find that you don’t. Your goal should not be to force your voice to an unnatural pitch but to discover that which is your optimum pitch. Once you find it and allow your chest cavity to resonate your voice, it will be richer, warmer, and deeper. And, if you use the right tone, definitely sexier. That is what makes a great voice. And, that is what you should be looking to achieve.

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