The Instant AG Tower

The Instant Tower AG is a Swiss company that sells nationwide since 1947, the innovative and sophisticated technique of scaffolding INSTANT UpRight scaffolds. Our Instant Tower Ltd exclusive importer for these scaffolds. Apart from selling the INSTANT UpRight scaffolds, the company also focuses on the development of specific customer requests customized, individual solutions. Apart from craft services the instant AG Tower with its wide range also aerospace and industrial companies. Shall belong to the offer in addition to simple rolling scaffolds for general use and complete facade scaffolding, tower scaffolds special, especially for aerospace and industry and has developed tailored frameworks, the very specific requirements to meet the highest standard, and a variety of further variations framework.

The Instant AG Tower served craftsmen, industrial and aerospace companies

At Snappy room structure is a simple role structure that is particularly at various artisans, such as dry farmers, painters, electricians and so very popular, because due to the sophisticated design is the skeleton of lightweight assembled quickly, easily extensible and it is virtually impossible for individual components are lost in the hectic work. Furthermore, this framework can be very good even with transport vans. When Span 300 and 400 is a tower scaffold, which can be assembled with the highest safety even on stairs and elevator shafts. There are massive scaffolding that can open in any case with no work requirements and safety requirements. They can also be combined well with the VX-base stands.

In aviation, AG Tower offers instant solutions to virtually all aspects and requirements of both civilian and in military aviation. Of course, in addition to ongoing maintenance include scaffolds for regular use, moreover, the modules for sporadic use, install them in the so-called wrap-around design complete aircraft. It also includes work on special areas around aircraft tailored, specific frameworks such as engine, rudder, wing-base, as well as trunk and Buggerüste. Access to all areas and systems are also used different planes, such as cargo and passenger aircraft, suitable and available. Play no role and the types of aircraft - from single-engine propeller plane over a 4-beam long-haul aircraft to the jet can do everything its own specific needs are matched with scaffolding. That different MacDonell Douglas, Boeing and Airbus models already complete solutions are available surprised therefore not in the least.

An "impossible" does not exist for the instant AG Tower

Even in the industry, the company develops and provides solutions that you customized to the smallest detail. This ranges from the cutting deck series, which can be used as frameworks for example, the clamping frame series, but also as a temporary or permanent work platforms, passages and bridges in the open and under cover, to the unique boiler and chimney towers. Explicitly for power plant boilers and chimneys has developed a unique instant AG Tower scaffolding system that meets these specific requirements unique in every respect: no other system can be installed around the world as fast and offers pinpoint use under the strictest safety measures. Standard modules should because of difficult application layer can not even be used by engineers to analyze the Istante Tower AG requirements on site to develop in connection with the most modern and 3D-aided design technology, the optimal solution - that goes for about fulfilling working conditions as well as attractive for the customer for a reasonable price.

This unusual structure variations are possible, including through the 'Rip-Grip' pipe connection system, which can absorb up to three times more traction than a conventional structure. Thus, a simple extension of all the different products is guaranteed with each other at extremely rapid construction work. Another plus to the INSTANT UpRight scaffolds recorded during maintenance. Due to the particular technique and the materials selected for the scaffolding is the maintenance, the need that stands, minimal and thus also helps companies to save money and invest so useful and economical. It is always placed on the highest safety, which correspond to the INSTANT UpRight scaffolds are many legal norms of the house. All these aspects, which document the high quality standards, underpinned by the instant AG Tower is unique in the industry 10-year warranty on certain components.

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Luc Bachmann is an employee of the Instanttower AG. He is responsible for marketing the company. Online marketing is one of his tasks.