The wide range of traditional dishes in India is simply amazing. Among the snack items, khaman dhokla and idli are two of the most common ones. In fact, idli happens to be one of the most well-known South Indian dishes. However, it can be quite painstaking to cook these dishes regularly in the contemporary fast-paced lifestyle. If you are facing this problem, you would be happy to know that leading food brands like Nilon’s have come up with instant mix khaman dhokla a packs which you may use to cook your favourite snack quickly.

What are these instant mix items?

The instant mixes are basically created by mixing the ingredients of the food item in the right proportions and packaging them. The consumers simply need to unpack them, add water or other necessary items to the mix and cook it to get the dish ready. The ease of use and the quick process have made these mixes quite popular.

Why is it a good idea to use these instant mixes?

It is natural to wonder if it would actually be a good idea to buy and use these instant mixes. The answer is yes, as they offer several advantages.

  • Quality: Nowadays, finding quality ingredients might be a hassle. However, these snacks do need quite a number of ingredients and the taste of the item would depend on the quality of the ingredients used to make them. The reputed food brands like Nilon’s use only scientifically tested ingredients in their products. This implies that khaman dhokla prepared from such an instant dhokla mix would be of the best quality.
  • Time-saving: As the word ‘instant’ itself suggests, these mixes help to save a considerable amount of time. You can prepare the food instantly, without having to worry about gathering and mixing the ingredients. It also helps to save a lot of effort as half the work is already done. Those who have a busy schedule find such instant mix to be a good solution as it frees up their time.
  • Taste: Initially it was believed that snacks prepared from instant mixes aren’t as delicious as snacks made entirely at home. However, you may use instant mixes to make mouth-watering dishes tasting as they should. This is because the ingredients in the mix would not only be the same as what you would use at home, but also of good quality. The proportions in which they are added are decided upon by food experts.
  • Ease-of-use: It is quite easy to make food from such instant mixes. This allows even the individuals with poor cooking skills to prepare delicacies with ease. In case if you are not confident about your cooking skills and have guests coming over for whom you would like to prepare some snacks, instant mixes are the easiest solution. Anybody with basic cooking knowledge can just follow the steps and use instant mix idli to prepare delicious idlis.
  • The best part about these instant mixes is that as the ultimate product tastes exactly as it should, there is no way to tell that it has been made using an instant mix. These items can now be purchased online too, further adding to your convenience as you can now have the instant mix delivered at your home and quickly prepare your favourite snacks. You can cater to even the choosiest food lovers by serving them dhoklas and idlis prepared from instant mixes.

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