Planning to get hold of a Jacuzzi? It may seem to be a great option is your bathroom space permits you to do so. A lot of people opt for freestanding bathtubs as they are easy to install and cost-effective. You may opt for using bathtubs made of acrylic as they are quite trendy and popular when it comes to considering durability and affordability.

The aura of freestanding tubs is such that they will greatly appeal to the bathroom in the best aesthetic way possible. A common dilemma which many homemakers face is to tile under the tubs or not as these tubs are freestanding and do not need any additional support. Companies constructing freestanding baths in Perth often advise not to opt for tiles below such tubs.

This article, however, puts forward the factors which will help to understand whether to tile under the tub or not:

  • Suppose you chose a drop-in or alcove tub, so practically it is advised to not tile under them. Since these tubs are specially designed to stand on their own and also built in such a way that they will not be able to stand on the tiled floor! They need to be fixed with the aid of its support feet or additional mortar directly on the bathroom subfloor. You need to tile the floor beneath it. However, you can use tiles to help secure the front of the tub’s enclosure to prevent it from coming out any time in the future. These tubs come to the same height after you tile the entire floor. So an underlying advantage is that the next you wish to change the floor tiles, you need not redo the bathtub as it stays as it is!

  • So in case, you chose a freestanding tub, the ones which are designed to rest completely on themselves, then here, in this case, you are liable to get the floor beneath the tub tiled. Here you need not fix the tub using any kind of additional fixing. Also, this tub allows you to clean around it and get rid of accumulated grime and dust. It is quite hygienic and lets you leave some space between the tub and the wall.

  • In case of a soaker or pedestal tub, the choice is completely yours, whether you want to tile or do not want to tile beneath them. The soaker could be treated as an alcove and fixed directly to the subfloor or could be used like any freestanding bath and tiled throughout! It is advisable to make the tub choice first followed by the choice of the bathroom tile!

A lot of baths in Perth are constructed so as to avail the maximum benefit of the bathroom space provided. If you are working on renovating your bathroom then tiling under your tub will be a great idea. So it is better to finish off tiling the whole floor before you plan to install any tub of your choice.

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