You can add beauty inside your home by installing decorative corbels. These are functional in nature also. You are able to create a shelf or a ledge with the aid of corbels. But for this you have to take correct care although installing corbels. You should take care concerning the attachment of the corbels to the walls. You've got to set the surface of the shelf and the top of the corbels at 90 degree angle. You ought to use a level line for the correct installation of the corbels on the wall. It'll aid you to hang the corbels perfectly to the wall and will prevent the object from falling. You need to take care that corbels shouldn’t be made of with heavy material.

Stand back from the wall where you'll install your corbels. Decide how high or low you want to place them. If you are installing corbels beneath cabinets, decorative moldings, or other elements, be certain to allow room for the corbel, a shelf, and any items that would be placed on top. If you're mounting the corbels to studs, use a stud finder to locate them.

Put the corbels face down on a soft surface, and then apply a half-inch continuous bead of adhesive or caulk across the back edge of the corbels. Carefully press the corbels onto the installation surface as you'd like them to appear. Apply extra caulk to the edges of corbels and smooth away any additional with a putty knife to make the corbel appear as if it is component of the wall. Wipe away any additional

excess caulk with a damp sponge. In case you desire to, you'll be able to make certain that your decorative corbels are extra sturdy at this point in

the method by securing them onto the application surface utilizing finishing nails.

If desired, once the caulk is dry, you'll be able to use additional fine sanding paper to sand areas around decorative corbels to make wall transition appear smooth and seamless; you may also use quite fine sanding paper on surface of wooden corbels that might must be perfected prior to painting. Lastly, you might now paint or finish your corbel, or when you have already completed this procedure in step one, complete any final paint touch ups on surface of decorative corbels.

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