Put simply, the ultimate goal of every business is to convert the website users into buyers. The more visitors you attract and engage, the higher will be the chances of converting them into potential consumers and hence the conversion rate will be accelerated, meaning exponentially growing profits. even the satisfactory conversion quotient needs to be improved further and for this social media is the best option.

Social media marketing not only develops the brand awareness, but also help target and hook the prospective consumers. In the past couple of years, Instagram appeared on the digital marketing canvas and established itself as one of the popular channels for branding. The majority of the company owners are taking advantage of this platform to convert sales.

According to HubSpot, this in-the-moment channel has 700 million active users and 75% of its user base resides outside the USA. This means Instagram is a great way to interact with your target audience. There exist numerous reasons why a Social Media Agency in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in the world is relying on Instagram marketing. for the reason that captivating visuals on your business Instagram account help grow your following, which eventually drive engagement and revenue without direct selling the products and services to your customers.

Tips for Driving Sales Through Business Instagram Account:

● Remember, it is not always about you but the people you want to transform into your potential, loyal customers.

● Determine the audience you want to reach out by narrowing down the funnel from age, gender, location, interests, motivations and income, etc.

● Figure out the pain points of businesses and companies. Target them for a problem they are facing and support them with the best possible solution.

● The safe pitch is to start with the popular hashtags and important events relevant to your business niche.

● Perform a competitive analysis what your business rivals and marketers are doing to build a strong following and hence the brand promotion.

● Figure out what type of visual content your competitors are posting and conduct a quick audit about their followers’ response and engagement quotient.

● This collected information (hashtags, catchy captions, types of posts, visual/motion content) will serve you as a benchmark to grow your channel.

● To stand tall from the whole bundle, find and interpret the missing linchpin from the competitors’ existing content.

● Draw your own distinctive opportunities by serving your target audience what your competitor fails to take into account. For example, consider to go for short videos promoting your brand and services. Get top rated Digital Marketing Agency in UAE on board for improved results.

● Add the rhetoric impression in your content and go off the track every so often by giving your audience the emotive penchant. Don’t be a sales person who keeps on promoting his things wherever he goes.

● Add your personal motivational videos or that of some digital influencer from your business niche.

● Always keep the track of everything you do on your business Instagram account. For this, you need to set up an editorial calendar that will reduce your time and energy while managing your business’s Instagram presence.

● Keep an eye on the real-time opportunities to build a consistent brand image on Instagram that will help convert your followers into paying consumers.

As soon as you succeed in developing a dedicated follower base, set your sights on teasers, promotions, contests, charity and launching the product live.

Author's Bio: 

Kate Johnson is professional content marketing manager at well-reputed organization. She has been working in content writing industry for last 5 years successfully.