Instagram wasn’t always the monster digital marketing platform it is today. In fact, when Instagram was first introduced, it was never meant to be a business-oriented platform. It was a platform meant to allow people to share photos of themselves with others. When that didn’t prove to be making enough money, the management decided to make the platform more business oriented. Instagram provides businesses with visual presence on the Internet. Businesses get to post the best photos of their products and other related materials. According to marketing intelligence, people have a higher tendency to make a purchase of something if they can see what they are buying. Consumers like to engage with attractive images and videos where they can see what they are buying.

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the most frequently asked questions regarding buying Instagram likes.
Can you get banned from Instagram for using a bot?
When you buy Instagram likes, not all of them will be genuine or from legitiman human sources. In fact, most Instagram likes that people buy these days are generated by bots if not by inactive likes. That is the biggest problem that people face when they decide to buy likes for their Instagram accounts. Everything would be fine if buying bots worked just fine, but that is never the case. The use of bots on the Instagram platform goes against Instagram’s terms of use and for that, they reserve the right to ban your account. Using bots automates profiles, making it impossible to gauge engagement and other metrics on the platform and that is not for business. As a result, Instagram can either choose to shadowban orsuspend your account. If your account becomes shadowbanned, it means that your posts won’t be visible to your audience.

How long are you temporarily blocked on Instagram?
Like I stated above, when your account becomes shadowbanned, it means that whatever posts you make cannot be seen by your audience. Thus, you will lose visibility on the platform for the entire duration of the ban. How long the shadowban will last is subject to the severity of your offence. Typically, a shadowban can last from just a few hours to several days or weeks.

There are several ways that Instagram uses to identify abnormal activities in user accounts that warrant being banned. For instance, if a certain user account is able to like 100 other pages within a time frame of 10 minutes, it raises eyebrows and Instagram will know that such activity can only be accomplished by a bot. As such, they will consequently shadowban the associated account.

The threat of being shadowbanned should not prevent you from buying likes on Instagrame because there are ways you can use to buy real likes on instagramand evade the risk.

How many hashtags does Instagram allow per post?
Typically, Instagram, will let you add up to 30 hashtags in every post you make and ten in every Story. To some experts that number of hashtags is considered spammy, but to others, using hashtags is an art that when mastered and executed correctly, can generate a lot of visibility, likes, and followers.

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if they can see what they are buying. Consumers like to engage with attractive images and videos where they can see what they are buying.