Gattem Venkatesh – A Micro Artist

Gattem Venkatesh, a young talented artist was born on 28th May, 1996 in Chinadoddigallu village in Andhra Pradesh. When he was a child, He used to visit artesian near his place. He used to ask a new question every time about their craft. These were the artist who used to carve on wood. He got this talent from these artists and started crafting. One of the artisans told him, "Art has no rules and regulations. No one can stop you." This gave him wings in life to fly with shining colors. When Venkatesh started doing this, he got so many people around to demotivate him as no one takes such things seriously. His relatives were seeing it as a pure waste of time. But luckily his parents were so supportive. They never listened to what others were saying. They supported him wholeheartedly.

Venkatesh is a 23 years young micro artist who carves his masterpieces on pencil lead, chalk pieces, matchsticks, and even toothpick. His parents toldhim not to mind anyone else just concentrate on his work. Venkatesh was moving forward slowly and steadily, he earned so many awards, set many records and everyone out there was praising his talent by this time. Venkatesh wanted to do something big, he wanted to achieve something. He tried to get a place in The Guinness Book of World Records. He applied for continuous two years but each time his application was rejected. It was so hard to keep up the same spirit while facing rejection for two long years. But Venkatesh didn't give up. He was so determined to reach there and touch the sky, he trusted his skills and kept trying.

He started studying world records and soon he found an opportunity when he noticed that he could create the smallest miniature of The Empire State Building. Without wasting much time, he was already onto it. It's unbelievable that this talented artist created a replica of the Empire State Building on an 18mm toothpick just in twenty-three minutes. He did his best and once again he applied for the same record. It took some time for the officials to compare the existing replica and the new one created by Venkatesh and this time his hard work paid off. His name was added to the records. It was 2017 when Gattem’s talent recognized and his name was penned in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Venkatesh completed his B.Arch from GITAM School of Architecture, and then completed a doctorate in Arts and Crafts from Peace University, Germany. In July 2018, he finished his education and meanwhile managed to build over 400 pieces of artwork. He started his own venture named Venky Arts, where he helps students to live their artistic goals of life. After achieving so much, he didn't stop there, he continued visiting Art exhibits, attending school functions as chief guest. Another big achievement of his life was when he was nominated for the Padma Shri, there he had a chance to meet the former Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee, who encouraged him to follow his dreams. He had also received the Ugadi Puruskar from the Andhra Pradesh Government in 2018.

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