Planning to give a stunning makeover to your bathroom this new year? Before investing your hard-earned cash, take a quick look at the latest trends coming in 2020! Minimalist designs, neutral shade colours, refined tubs and functional bathroom fittings are about to steal the show.

This article is to help you choose none other than the best for the bathroom this year.

Biophilic Design is the New Hype in 2020

Nature lovers will simply admire this new idea! This design will connect you directly to nature and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The more biophilic designs surround you, the more you can stay calm and focussed. A quick way to incorporate natural aesthetics to your bathroom is to simply integrate plants in the interior decor. You can create shower walls full of greenery, install natural stone tiles, opt for standalone tubs and leaf-shaped sink to inspire the look.

Choose Tubs & Sinks in Accordance with Cultural Traditions

Standalone tubs and sinks can enliven the look of your bathroom if you choose the materials, colors and shapes wisely. Choosing asymmetrical shapes will put the origin and culture at the forefront and in spite of being imperfect, they will look subtle. You can choose to install standalone tubs against a wall, or at the centre depending upon the available space. For sinks, you can try out natural or porous materials like concrete, stone or marble etc as you find it suitable according to the interior decor.

Unique Colors to Choose for Your Bathroom

Though colour choices entirely depend upon individual taste and preferences, still we have come up with a few trending 2020 bathroom colors that will not only transform your dull and dingy bathroom into a haven but make it look inviting and appealing. Champagne, pumpkin red and light yellow are high on trend this year. You can also go for mix and match style, but it's important to hire local bathroom renovators in Wynnum who can implement them properly otherwise it may ruin your bathroom aesthetics.

Open Showers are High on Demand

When it comes to showers, the market is flooded with options. However, open shower concept is trending for the past few years and still expected be on high demand in 2020, especially the ones which are multifunctional. Tub installation by bathroom renovators in Wynnum can also be a part of the shower area and you can keep it separate from the main bathroom with a glass wall partition. A benefit of separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom is that it makes your bathroom look spacious and inviting.

Console Type Vanities To Dominate 2020 Bathroom Designs

Console style vanities are expected to dominate bathroom designs in 2020 compared to the traditional style of furnishings. The biggest advantage of console vanities is that it suits a small bathroom space and make it look bigger than actual. Powder rooms can also be a part of this trend. If you have a habit of piling up things in your bathroom, then it's best to incorporate this style as it will not make your bathroom look messy or dingy.

Final Words

Hope this article was helpful in providing you with a fair idea of the latest bathroom trends of 2020. If you like this post, share it with your friends and family. For further queries, don’t hesitate to post your comments. We would love to hear from you.

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The author Matthew Meston is one of the renowned local bathroom renovators in Wynnum and assisting clients with stunning bathroom renovating ideas that can make their space functional as well as inviting.