The word entheos is the root word for enthusiasm and means “in spirit”. When we are filled with the spark of enthusiasm, we are literally filled with our true essence and this is why we feel so alive and energetic. I urge you to make a list right now of the things that make your heart sing. What do you that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

Here are three things to start with:

1) Make a list of your strengths and unique abilities
2) Make of things you find easy. (Remember what is easy for you is not easy for everyone else.)
3) What do you love doing? What are your favorite pastimes, activities, projects, recreation, social activities, foods, hobbies and so on.

As you make your list, you will realize that these things are your very own inspiration. You will understand that participating in the things you love to do is your purpose in life.

Each and every person has strengths and unique abilities. Once your make your list, then you can determine what type of jobs and activities will promote and utilize your natural strengths and gifts. I worked in a corporate setting with the same company for over 20 years. It became rather boring and routine, and I lost my enthusiasm for work. Therefore, I left this job to go out on my own because of my driving need for more fulfillment. Does this sound familiar? I was scared of taking the risk but did it anyway because living an inspired life is really our internal guidance system yelling at us to be more alive and passionate.

I reviewed my natural talents, gifts and abilities and came up with three things”

• I love to speak in front of a crowd
• I always excelled in English classes and I love to read and write
• I love to help other people find their passions and serve the world

I translated these skills into a business where I get to speak, write, read plus coach and help others to transform their own lives into a joyful masterpiece of living in spirit.

You may love math or figures and could move into the financial world
You may love children and decide to teach, help or spend time with children in a variety of creative ways. You may love plants or animals and find yourself opening a nursery, landscaping or offering pet services. You may transfer you love of cooking into a profitable and fun business.

You see, it doesn’t matter “what”; it only matters that you find your natural abilities and use them to your advantage.

Take a look at people who excel and thrive in life. Athletes like Tiger Woods or David Beckham are doing what they love to do best and they radiate happiness and joy. Is there still effort involved? Yes absolutely, but it is now inspired action and comes from the heart. I personally know women who are earning their living singing, dancing, cooking, cleaning, dog walking, writing, building websites, flying planes, hosting travel excursions and the list goes on. They are realizing their own power and potential in creative and unique ways. You too can live a passionate life and create a compelling future.

I encourage you to use the astounding power of visualization to help achieve your dreams. Imagine yourself doing the things that please you and bring you joy. Begin to harness these powerful and positive emotions and realize your very inspired life today.

Imagine what your life would look and sound like if you brought your natural passions and enthusiasms to every activity you participate in. Tune into the energy of enthusiasm within you, let it flow into every cell of your body and radiate out into your day.

What is within you that wants to make itself known? Let your inner light shine and the whole world will benefit by your courage, dedication and commitment to living a life of inspiration.

Author's Bio: 

As Canada's leading happiness expert, Elizabeth has worked throughout Western Canada with educators, entrepreneurs, seniors, and people from all walks of life. She learned how to create happiness after spending 20 years in Corporate Canada leading sales initiatives, management roles & customer service training. Today, Elizabeth is the founder of MetaMind Consulting. She shares practical tools, solid research and mood boosting techniques, bringing smiles, contentment and prosperity into the lives of others. She prides herself on banishing your inner grouch and enhancing your greatness. Elizabeth has a black belt in the martial arts and is not afraid to use it in the name of happiness!