Inspired living, the difference between right and wrong action

We all wish to be living and building a purpose filled and inspired life. Making the decision and taking the action to embark upon this journey can be one of the most exciting and most challenging times of your life. There comes a time in your life when you realize that the job you are is keeping you in a rut, or perhaps your life circumstances are not all that you envisioned them to be. This begins to stir the pot of soul searching.

The main idea that you need to realize is that to in the space of inspired livening depends on the actions you take. You can take a right action, which will bring you, closer to your goals of living on purpose or you can take the wrong action, which will take on the trip away from inspired living. You see I have learned through my experiences the challenge of keeping on the road of taking right action. I have learned the differences of right action versus wrong action.

As an energy healer and an energy muse living a human existence creating human errors, I have come to know the difference between right action and wrong action. When you realize the sequence of energetic events that lead up to the actions you take you begin to see the difference between the two actions and begin to live an inspired life. When you take the right action you are living inspirationally. When you take the wrong action you are living egotistically.

You know you are in right action when you take an action based upon the thought, which creates an emotion of “good feeling” inside your center of intuition which is physically located in your third Chakra area, your solar plexus. You will begin to notice that any action taken with “You and another living being” is right action and takes you to a level of vibration that elevates your “feelings” which in turn raise your vibrational level. This creates more “good feelings” and you begin to surround yourself with successes.

In contrast, you are not living an inspired life when you take wrong action. You know you are in wrong action when you take an action that is preceded with thoughts of revenge, getting back at someone, hurting someone, taking away from someone, or doings something out of fear that if you don’t take the action, the other will take an action that you fear harm you or your livelihood. This is wrong action, and you know this because you can also feel this in your third chakra area, you get a queasy feeling inside, almost the same type of feeling that comes from fear of the unknown. You are in complete wrong action when you take it from this level. This wrong action will actually drop you to a level of vibration that is detrimental to your life, health and relationships.

You must begin to live your life from the “right feeling” place. Learn to take action from a place of compassion, love, generosity, abundance and helping. When you live from this place your life begins to unfold in ways you cannot even imagine. You will begin to feel inspired. You will be on your journey to inspired living, by simply taking the right action instead of taking the wrong action. Set your intention to move forward in life with the inspired thing of “how is this going to be for my highest good and the highest good of all?” Simply by staying in this frame of mind. I can give you a written guarantee that your life will change in a positive way yielding your path to inspired living.


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Marti Angel, MA "America's Health and Expert Lifestyle Coach", Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor Certified, Nutraceutical Consultant, YOGA THERAPIST, IAYT 500 E-RYT- "The Om Diva" College Meditation & Yoga Professor.
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