Ralph Waldo Emerson is considered by many to be the most eloquent American composer of wisdom essays. In the 19th Century he penned incredibly poetic, even incendiary inspirational words that echo the spirit of his genius through the corridors of time. Here is one marvelous example:

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger
than material force, that thoughts rule the world."
Contained in these inspirational words are two immense ideas that sum up the core message to be found in the world's total collection of motivation quotes.

Let us begin mining for the golden nuggets of truth conveyed by these inspirational words with the first part of the statement:

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force..."
No statement could better epitomize a message that can be described as inspirational. Motivational quotes are rarely, if ever, as direct, poignant, pragmatic and penetrating. These inspirational words advise that we develop our spiritual force to meet and overcome any physical or material challenge we might face.

To turn those inspirational words into spiritually fortifying daily motivational quotes for self-empowerment. Today...
do that which you feel truly inspired doing.
commit yourself to doing good deeds and to thinking and speaking well of others.
contemplate encouraging messages that you find spiritually nurturing.

Your power to determine material conditions grows as you feed your soul on the good and the inspirational. These motivational words are as practical as can be.

Avoid cruel or discouraging speech. Speak only inspirational words to strengthen the spirit in you and in your listeners.

Turn your attention away from disheartening messages; attend only to messages that feel inspirational. Words that uplift your spirit carry you toward greater health and wealth.

Associate with individuals whom you find to be inspirational. Their motivational words, actions and attitudes act like alchemical fire. Exposure to their inspirational words, deeds and feelings can turn poverty into riches.

Let us now move on to the second half of the message contained in Emerson's inspirational words:

"(Great men are they who see) ... that thoughts rule the world."
Examine the relationship between what you think and what happens to you. That will very quickly bring Emerson's inspirational words to life for you. They will become more than merely inspirational words; they will become inspirational words that ring entirely true. Your thoughts are reproduced by your circumstances, and you have the power to direct your thinking!

Let us turn these inspirational words about the power of positive thinking into a week of motivational quotes of the day to live by:
Your circumstances are reflections of your thoughts. Think about the circumstances you want.
To head toward failure, think of failure; to head toward success, think of success. Think of successful outcomes.
Because you are drawn to do what you think about doing, think about doing good deeds.
You are free to think of winning or losing; think of winning.
Rise above life's dangers by thinking of your positive possibilities.
Don't dwell on problems; visualize solutions instead.
You can think of yourself as a victim or as victorious; think of yourself achieving the victories you desire.

Particularly when you find yourself facing a physical or financial set back or challenge, instead of pining for your material conditions to change, concentrate on strengthening your spirit and directing your mind. Commit acts of kindness, feed your inspiration, and remain extremely vigilant over your thinking.

Feed your spirit to grow indomitable. Direct your thinking to direct your life. Thus you put into priceless practice Emerson's inspirational words of wisdom.

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