Although I realized in a vivid, technicolor dream some years ago that everyone is part of my spiritual journey, the impulse to write, study and research is nevertheless so strong in me that I tend to be impatient with whatever gets in my way. So I am constantly seeking to balance my work, family, relationships and personal time.

If you struggle with this challenge, too – and who doesn't? – you may find inspiration in this meditative writing, which I stumbled on while writing this newsletter. It called me to higher perspectives during a family emergency, which turned out much for the best because I followed this guidance.

Q: I am so tired of people's troubles and demands, and I long to be around calmer and saner people – to escape to wherever I can to write my books, meditate and enjoy life. Am I creating these disruptions, attracting them, or what?

A: Listen to the words in thine own heart, dear one, to see the truth of thy life. In each soul are directions related to the fulfillment of its destiny, and so it is that thy work is being done with those who need it most and at the same time teach thee to master thine own mind. For only with this can service to others and self be given.

What may also be seen is this: In the annals of time, contracts are made with those for whom love is greatest and those to whom much is owed. At times these are the same. And so it is that one is drawn into lifetimes with these souls sharing karma or needing to absolve it. Above all, know this: where we are in any given moment is exactly where we must be.

For not one or two things intersect in the present moment, but infinite realities to create the one known. Sharing a reality with another, then, is an incomparable gift of one to the other and each to all. Always this occurs through the motivation and impetus of love.

Be at peace, then, with the challenges in thy life and the people who bring them. For this was chosen by each in the matrix of the spirit, where all life choices are made.

Test this for self by asking what is thy purpose.

Q: (Listening inwardly) To serve and heal self and others.

A: Is this being done in thy family?

Q: It is. But I want to do my writing and cannot seem to follow through with it for the constant interruptions. Also, I find myself participating in other people's anger and judgment more than they participate in my peace and higher perspectives. How do I gain boundaries, stability of mind, and sustain higher awareness, when they will not accept or even hear of it?

A. Find in self the higher perspectives, sustain these with prayer, meditation and good health, and lead the way for others to follow. Only this will teach thee what is needed for self's own evolution, that others may be taught what is learned.

Q: Is it unfair or selfish of me to want to finish my book by going away in solitude to do so?

A: Do the work as the heart and mind are inspired and it will be done in perfect time. See not a point of completion or a deadline for the work to be done, but a perfect and right conclusion to the gifts of insight open to thee in every moment. In this elevation of mind is the greatest work done – the most believable, elegant and true.

Let the work flow from the heart, mind and soul, united in the joy of creating in service to God.

Not a chore, but a secret treasure lies before thee. Cherish each moment spent with it. Let it set thee free.

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