Have you ever seen the advertisements of Rosetta Stone language software? I think you must have. So what is really Rosetta Stone? It is the software that really increases people's ability to understand a new language. Generally speaking this software teaches you to speak a new language with an intuitive way that you may think you are learning your first language. You see, Rosetta Stone applies the multimedia to teach students how to speak one new language. And if you are careful, you will notice that this software has three phases teaching you to learn the new language you have chosen.

Phase one: learning the basic vocabulary and structure. In this manner people can use the functions which try to build up the learners' vocabulary. Yes, it really uses the word-image way to tell you the meaning of the word you would love to learn. It means as long as you see the picture and you know the meaning of the word. Of course you need to use the computer. Then you as a learner can learn the structure for speaking this language. This is really suitable for those who wish to learn the new language for travel or things like that.

Phase 2: learning how to converse with others smoothly. In the beginning you use this software to help you rake up vocabulary and basic structure of the language you have chosen. Now it is high time for you to practice what you have learned. In the software are lots of virtual conversations for you according to your own level. If you are not so experienced, you can use the simple and easy conversations to practice speaking; while if you have achieved a certain level, you had better choose the more advanced ones to guide your way. Actually using Rosetta Stone to learn conversation is very rewarding and approachable.

Phase 3: going for the advanced level of communication. Even though you have learned enough vocabulary and possess the ability to converse with others, it doesn't mean that you can handle everything in this language. So now what you do is to promote your level of speaking and understanding of this language. Rosetta Stone of course can offer you the chance to learn the things you really need and teach you how to go on learning better. It had scheduled lots of useful things for you and you can just follow its speed to learn what you badly need. This level is suitable for those who need to do some deep research or often provide information to others who need it.

So what is really Rosetta Stone software? It is the software that teaches you to speak this language by immersing yourself into it naturally. It is called "Dynamic Immersion". You learn this language as you learned your native language once you were young. You will never feel painful to learn such a language, but you will feel so intimate to learn everything in this language.

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From all the things above, you may have many good ideas about how to learn a new language well. If you want to learn much more about this section, you can click Rosetta Stone Swedish and Cheap Rosetta Stone, both of two will make you satisfied.