India is a culturally rich society. Indians share a great heritage and knowledge which has descended to us from the Vedic times. The belief of Indians in the powers of gemstones is also deeply rooted in our cultural ethos. Right from the time when a child is born, birth-chart is prepared based on which it is decided which will be the most suitable Astrology Gemstone for a bright future.

The scale of faith in gemstones is so high that it takes precedence over knowledge to find out about their genuineness. As a result, people end up wearing fake gemstones which make no difference to their lives. Simple people of our country are often fooled by some so-called gemstone merchants who sell them completely fake gemstones for personal gains.

The Shocking Gem Scams of India

Closing your eyes to evil does not take the evil away. As a responsible citizen of India, it is your duty to open your eyes and have sufficient knowledge of the products you seek to buy so that nobody can take unfair advantage of your innocence. It is not just Indians but many foreigners also fall prey to fraudsters.

Trapping Tourists: Many incidents have been reported from Goa, Jaipur, Agra and even in Rishikesh. Foreigners have been approached by gem dealers in these places who manages to convince them to buy gemstones from him and further import them to their home country under their duty-free allowance. They convince them by saying that the gemstones can be sold to their willing partners sitting in the home country of the tourists at a much higher cost. Many tourists were reported to be left with a bunch of worthless stones.

Treated Gemstones: It has been seen in many cases that many unscrupulous merchants sourced treated gemstones from some South Asian countries and sell them at the price of natural gemstones. There are many treatments available that can even turn a White Sapphire into a Blue Sapphire. These fake gems were then sold at high prices. As a result, the native was not able to feel any difference or in some cases even met with some ill fate. It is because these gems are not of the Jyotish quality which is necessary or in fact it is not a Certified Gemstone at all.

Expensive but of Poor Quality: People have often fallen prey to high prices as a guarantee for purity of gemstones. There are umpteen examples where people get recommendations from recognized web portals but end up buying stones from local merchants. They not only end up paying a heavy price but also buy something worthless in terms of Jyotish quality. Not all expensive gemstones are of Jyotish quality and suitable for planetary gemology. A close inspection by a seasoned gemologist can reveal red flags.

Gemstones Turning White: There have been incidents where people have found their gemstones turning white over the course of a year. When they reported the same to the astrologer, he instead of revealing the truth stated that the gemstone had actually prevented a big unpleasant incident and thus had absorbed all the negative energy of the house, hence changed to white color. Needless to say, the person was directed to buy another gemstone from the same jeweler. Before you begin to feel surprised at the magic, let us reveal that it was a typical case of an Unholy nexus between the Jeweler and the Astrologer to cheat simple people due to their faith.

It is time you should not let your faith over-power your sense. This is the 21st century and everyone is looking at easy ways to make money. These unethical people have zero regards to your faith and beliefs. All they care for is how much have they made at the end of the day. Indian Gemstones Market is largely unorganized which is why there is ample room for such unethical practices. Blind faith placed by the majority of people on their local jewelers and gem merchants has encouraged these to indulge in shadow trading of fake gemstones and selling them at high prices. This has been successful as most customers do not have any or much knowledge. Also, many of them do not seek any certified documents for the gemstones they buy.

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