Thinking Out of the Box to Provide Most Innovative Solutions
Leadership is not just about position, but it is about making a positive contribution in thelives of others by coming up with some innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges in theindustry. Leadership is more about service and contribution and less about titles and position.

Today, leaders need to be aware of all the issues in the industry and need to be part of thesolutions to the issues in the industry. It is important for leaders to be in harmony with theUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Leaders need to be able to tap the power of talents, skills, abilities, and resources to be part ofthe solutions. Leaders need to have the ability to think deliberately and act on the conclusionof logical thought to come up with innovative solutions. It is important for leaders to be logical, analytical, and rational in their business approach. Leaders need to ensure innovative approach but that should also be ethical. Leaders should think from the sustainabledevelopment point of view. The leaders should come up with solutions that are not damagingto the environment.

To be a successful business leader requires lot of self-discipline, patience, determination,enthusiasm, hard work, and resilience. One needs competence, sufficient research skills andinnovative approach to be a business leader who can make positive difference in the lives ofpeople. To be an effective leader one needs to have crystal clear vision and goal-oriented strategy to make a difference in the industry. To make a sustainable and tangible difference in the industry one is working for requires adaptation and implementation of innovativetechnology that can improve the quality of solutions in the business world.

To be a great leader, one needs to be a great follower of another good leader. Only good follower who has taken sufficient training and guidance from a good leader can be a goodleader. Many of the world's most popular companies have some very smart people at the helm. What is more important for the leaders is, whether they are running a start-up or overseeing an already established brand, they need to be innovative to keep the companyfresh and exciting. Those who can grasp the potential of new technology at a rapid pace and are quick enough to implement that latest innovative technology into their businesses are theleaders who can be ahead in making a difference in the industry.

In this edition of, "Innovative Business Leaders Making a Difference, 2021" we havepublished innovative leaders from different backgrounds who have pushed their boundaries,have thought out of the box, and they have come up with innovative ways to improve thebusinesses and their offerings. Take a look at the innovative contribution of these leaders to the industry.

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