Innovation Management plays a crucial role in businesses, as it assist an organization to strengthen its roots and, flourish promptly in the markets. It mainly involves managing processes regarding an organization’s innovation procedures, from initial ideation to execution. It’s a cyclic loop structure starting with ideation followed by the auditing, prototype testing and full implementation. Either it may be decision making or a drafting innovation strategy, this type of system manages all.

It bestows some fruitful benefits to organization and allows its employees to bring forward their ideologies, which can be filtered depending on the errors while execution. This significantly increases the quantity and quality of input ideas empowering specific organization’s objectives and goals. Moreover, many innovation management tools enable employees to initiate a germ of an idea, and share it for gaining varied perceptions from every aspect of the enterprise. Through such systems, accumulating ideas from each and every unit of the organization becomes quite easier. And the source of idea collection is not just left inhibited with R&D and marketing but to every sector. These ideas could be stored in a shared repository, allowing respective employees to gain more transparency within various business processes.

By maintaining transparency, a business person can look through the outcomes of all the ideas submitted into the repository, which increases the participation of employees in the innovation campaigns. Moreover, theses database-driven tools assist in analyzing the effect of an implemented idea for the benefit of an organization. In an attempt to admire employee contribution, a company can also present rewards to the winning ideas.
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