What got Apple Inc. from being valued at $5,309 in 1977 to $1.79 BILLION in 1980? Steve Jobs, you say. Partly, I say.

Innovation. Steve Jobs was an innovator. A pioneer in the technology world. His big focus was not money, yet he attracted more than most. How does that work from a Law of Attraction perspective?

When you are running on passion for what you desire to create, your emotions escalate into a new height of positivity. With those positive emotions you attract the people, circumstances and resources to cause you to move to the leading edge of whatever industry you play.

And isn’t breaking new ground super fun? Yes, it might come with a few setbacks because what you’re doing is new but it’s still thrilling.

Since every business owner has an Inner Business Expert that they can tap into within themselves,there is also an Innovator waiting to be called forth. All you have to do is ask.

Pick an area of your business and start with a general inquiry: What can I do that is super cool and has never been done before?

I know I get excited just asking the question to myself. It ignites all possibility.

When you open yourself up to the internal brainstorming session, please leave money out of the equation. It can become the bottleneck to the best ideas. When you focus on money, things can go from inspiring to heavy very fast.

Professor Clay Christensen wrote The Innovator’s Dilemma, which deeply influenced Steve Jobs. The dilemma is the pursuit of money.

As a business you need to make money, but if money drives your decisions you dampen your Inner Innovator. Apple’s focus is to make great products and sell them. It works pretty well, right? But it’s the opposite of the way most business owners run their company.

I see most entrepreneurs falling into two categories: Those with a passion for what they do, but they don’t monetize it. Or those who create products and services to make money, but they don’t really connect to what they’re selling.

As you tap into your passion and become the innovator, you can monetize your creation and have the best of all worlds.

When I launched a new program recently, my creativity surged for how to give the most value possible. Did I care about making money when I created it? YES! But what is driving my passion is the question I keep asking, “How can I make it even better?”

How can you make what you do even better? How can you tweak it or give it a makeover so that when you see the finished product you think, “WOW! This totally rocks my world and people are going to love it!”

Steve Jobs didn’t pull every facet of the Mac computer out of thin air. He tweaked many ideas from other great innovators who had already done it. He improved upon them and added his creativity and vision. You can do the same.

Be an innovator in your own business, in your own world. Your ideas don’t have to be brand new, just tweaked or pulled together in a new way. Shake things up. Be excited.

Then monetize it for six-figures or more. A very important step.

Last inquiry of the day: How can I generate six figures or more from this?

Oh what fun you’ll have.

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