There is something called an inner voice and this is available to each one of us. But although this is the case, it doesn’t mean that one is in tune with their inner voice or even knows that they have one.

The Inner voice is not the only term that is used to describe this powerful guidance system. For some people it will be called intuition or some kind of psychic ability. One will have hunches, sense things or just feel or know that something is right or wrong. And as there are many ways of perceiving the world, this all makes sense.

The Noise

However, in the modern day world there is so much noise and this can make it extremely difficult to listen to this voice. And there are numerous sources that can inhibit one from doing so.

To be reliant on external figures for guidance and information has generally become the norm. People are rarely encouraged to come to their own views and insights. These different sources begin from the moment one is born and carry on until the moment one passes.


During this time one is dependent and therefore has to rely on the guidance of their caregivers and other people. This is to be expected and it not a problem per se. What can lead to challenges is when one is brought up by caregivers who are overbearing, controlling or abusive in some way.

In these cases a child is going to be discouraged from listening to themselves. And this can cause one to lose touch with their inner world and what is true for them.

If one hasn’t lost touch with it, then they may come to doubt what they know is right and all because it has been denied for so long. And if the people who one trusted and depended upon invalidated this inner wisdom, it is not much of a surprise.


Next up is typically the education system and in a lot of cases this is nothing more that glorified regurgitation. Of course one needs to learn how to read and write for instance; this cannot be emphasised enough.

And yet, to think critically or to question things is not something that is part of most curriculums. People are generally taught that the answers are found in books or through an authority figure. So the answers that each person has within them and their own truth, is overlooked and covered up.

This is often described as educating the mind, but forgetting the heart. The intellect becomes highly evolved and the softer or lighter side of someone is neglected. So this inevitably leads to an imbalance being created. One is supported in their search for answers in the external world and abandoned in their search for answers within.


Another powerful influence is society and this has been there since the moment one was born in one form or another. The media for example has a massive impact on how one sees the world and themselves.

And what is presented in the media is generally portrayed as being the truth and that’s the end of it. So this can create a dependence on external sources and not support one in coming to their own sense about it all.

Self Development

One can become cut off from themselves through self development, as ironic as this may sound. It is clear that one may need to be assisted at times and that other people can be a catalyst or mirror for one’s personal evolution.

But, this process can end up being sabotaged through one getting caught up in what other people suggest they should or shouldn’t do. One can become dependent on other peoples knowledge, as opposed to listening to their inner voice. The inner will need to be balanced with the outer.

Cut Off

Due to there being so many influences out there that are trying to stop one from listening to what is being communicated to them within, feeling cut off can be normal. If one has not been encouraged from the day they were born and right until they are an adult, how would someone have this connection.


By stepping back from this and looking at it from another viewpoint, it becomes clear that there is a lot of control going on. People are not being supported in their pursuit of the truth; they are being told what is true and what is not.

And it would be easy to blame the ego and say that the ego needs to be dissolved or something similar. But this perspective often comes from a lack of understanding. The ego is there to keep one alive and to allow them to have their own personal experience of life.

Control is something we all need, but this healthy need can end up going to the extreme. To feel that one has no control is disempowering and to be overly controlling is going to disempower others.

And whether one feels that they have no control or that they need to control others, it is coming from the same cause. This person is probably carrying trapped feelings and emotions that are disabling them from feeling a healthy sense of control. The ego is not to blame; it is more a case of one needing to heal what is going on within them.

A New Way

So if healing was part of life and something people were encouraged to engage in, then the need to control others would not be as strong. And then people’s personal space would be respected and this would support people to look within.

Letting Go

If one has become cut off from this inner voice it is unlikely to be something that one gets back in touch with overnight. What can stop one making this connection is what they have picked up over the years. This can be feelings and emotions that that have become trapped in the body

If one has a strong sense of who they are and is empowered, it will be easier to not only listen to this voice, but to act on it. Because if one is not empowered, there will be the tendency to look outside for approval and acceptance and this means that one will ignore their inner guidance.

This process of letting go and realising ones personal power can be assisted by a therapist or healer who will allow one to let go. Or one can do this through some kind of self inquiry.

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My name is Oliver J R Cooper and I have been on a journey of self awareness for over nine years and for many years prior to that I had a natural curiosity.

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