How many times in life do we think we are going into just another “routine” day, procedure, or something that we have been through plenty of times before? How many times does that routine situation turn into something else? Is there a way that we can tell if what should be “routine” will turn into something more?

We are in times where the unexpected is all that we can expect. What “should” be gets switched up and plans get changed around. This is definitely one of those years where what doesn’t seem possible will not only be possible; but is likely.

Not only this, so many times there are signs and symbols and things happening that we tend to just ignore or disregard. We tend to fall into a “safety” or “comfort zone” thinking all will be smooth because we have been through it before; only to get a rude awakening or big surprise which turns the tables and leaves us wondering just what have we gotten ourselves into. It is especially important that we don’t disregard feelings of being unsettled even when things “should” be well.

Having spent some time in the mid-states; most of the people here have served in one branch or another of the military. If they haven’t served personally, they have had a spouse/partner/parent/child serve. I bring this up; because it is a great example of when we need to be realizing that “normal” procedures may not be “normal”. Also, even if one is not in the military or doesn’t have someone close to them; it is important to be aware of when Special Forces and mass deployment is happening.

This is because, it is a sure sign that things are “brewing”. The way of the energy codes right now; shows great deception. This includes leading people to believe they are going in for some standard procedures and routine time; when in reality they will be stepping right into a major war. Most of this will not be disclosed to them until shortly after they have left the US or as they are leaving the US.

ANY time special forces are being called for deployment we can be certain that the government has things brewing. However, why be secret about it? First, they have greater power when someone acts by their own choice instead of being forced into things. It is like inviting someone into your home. There is a saying that “evil can only enter where it is invited”. To do something by choice is to invite energy in; whether that is “good” or “evil”. So it is important for us to pay attention to those little stirrings within and watch what we are inviting in.

The deployment of special forces affects everyone; with or without being in the military. For this is a sign that our government is up to something; wars are planned. If you have been watching things more carefully, then you know that there are wars planned to break out in increments throughout this year; particularly in Iraq where most of our special forces are being deployed.

Now this is not about psyching ourselves out; but about paying attention to realize when we are or are not getting the entire story along the way. It is about realizing that some things do not happen unless there are bigger plans in place. Like many in the military, they go in innocently believing that they are doing something great for their country for our rights and freedoms, that they are protecting us; yet in reality the very ones that are telling them that are really the ones that we need to be protected from.

This doesn’t just happen with war or the military and in government; but happens in multiple areas of our lives. Like that sense that we shouldn’t get on the road and drive; but justify it will be ok, or trust that the road conditions we received show that it is safe, even though we have seen severe weather going all through the region we are traveling. It could be that instinct to pull off and rest on a long drive; but justifying you have made the same drive many times just as tired with no trouble.

So many times we disregard our instincts, the inner stirrings, the warnings; and the signs that are so blatant that we don’t believe them. So many times we create justification and excuses or reasons for things as an attempt to make us feel more at peace when something doesn’t feel right. So many times we just refuse to look at something because we don’t want to see it.

We don’t have to worry about these unsettled spaces; but it is wise to pay attention to them. It is not about dropping into realms of fear, but in listening and watching in a way that allows us to make wiser decisions along the way. It is about being in a place that you are willing to say “no” if it isn’t feeling right to you.

What things have you not paid attention to? Are there things in your life that you are justifying or making excuses for? Where are you telling yourself that things will be ok; when your inner self is warning of turbulence?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Code Interpretor

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