Are you listening to your soul whispers?

I remember when I first heard this expression in The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer. Something resonated with me and I decided to ‘check in’ to see if I could hear the ramblings of my soul.

And then I realized…..

My soul was no longer whispering but shouting to me….. Get out of this job, and do something you love!

I was working as an employment adviser, working with long term unemployed people on benefits. The office was a cold, dark building. And as many of the clients that were keen and eager to secure employment, there were more that felt dis-empowered, resistant, battling the system to remain on benefits.
And then the staff, after many years working with unemployed, the advisers had lost belief in human kind always thinking the worse of people. Targets and outcomes were priority rather than helping people to feel better. All in all the place was not a fun place to be in.
When I finally listened to my soul, I knew I wanted to work with people and help them to feel better; I meditated asking for assistance and guidance from the higher realms. During meditation ‘social worker’ popped into my mind. I began to research this and the more I did the more it felt good and really resonated with me, I followed and put trust in my inbuilt navigation system to light up the career path that felt exciting, fun and just……. ‘right’!
I enrolled in college as I needed an access qualification to get me into university to train to be a social worker. There were so many reasons to not pursue my dream
How could we afford for me to leave work? Four years of study? However I put trust in my dream, the universe as well as the love and support of my family. I believe that what we may perceive as a risk, is what life is all about! Stepping into the unknown can be exciting, fresh and new! Who really wants the daily struggle of going to a job that you hate? To be bored and stagnate?

By the way I never became a social worker, after two years of study, those familiar whispering's of my soul returned. I honored these feelings and after meditating and trusting my intuition i became a Law of Attraction Coach which I love!

All we really ever want is to feel better, to feel good… right?
All I ask of you is one thing…..
Look into your soul and listen to the whispers….. Are you doing what feels good, that fills you with excitement and joy? How can you bring more joy into your life right now? Your inner being, your soul knows the answers, you just have to quiet your mind and listen.

In love, joy and happiness

Author's Bio: 

Emily Hill is a Law of Attraction Coach dedicated to inspiring heart centered women to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur so they can live their higher purpose and create a life they love. For more information on Emily. Please visit