When someone is free from inner conflict, they are going to be able to experience inner peace. Not only this, but they will also experience a sense of clarity and this is going to make their life a lot easier. One could find that it is relatively easy for them to make decisions and for them to move forward in life.

And this is because they are not at war with themselves and therefore fighting an inner battle; each part of them is working together. Procrastination could be something they rarely have to deal with.


So it is easy to see how productive someone can be through working with themselves, as opposed to against themselves. For example: if one is trying to push a door open and there is someone on the other side who is trying to stop them, it is clearly going to make it harder.

They might be able to open if they are stronger than the other person, but they might just end up feeling exhausted and simply give up. Having inner conflict could cause one to sabotage their whole life or just the parts that they are in conflict with.

The Stronger Part

And if one part is stronger than the other, it could mean that they are able to move forward. Similar to how one could overpower someone who is pushing against a door - one is still able to move forward.

But while there is always a possibility that this will happen, there is also the chance that it won’t. One is going to need to use more energy that they would have done if they were experiencing inner harmony.

A Pattern

For some people, inner conflict could be something they only experience on the odd occasions and for others, it could be a way of life. And this could mean that they are used to putting things off and never being able to get things done.

Their life is then never straight forward and taking action or making a decision could be a real challenge. One might not only feel frustrated, they could also feel hopeless and fed up with how things are.

The Ideal

For some people then, the ideal is going to be to have no inner conflict and to live a life of inner oneness. If someone has no conflict within, they might be expected to achieve more than someone who has conflict within.

And this is because they have nothing to hold them back; there is no one on the other side of the door to stop them from opening it. They are free to walk through the door. So even though there will be resistance in the external world, at least there won’t be any in their internal world.

A Different Outlook

However, there are pros and cons to most things in life and inner conflict is no different. While having inner peace or harmony is seen as the ideal, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will enable one to be any more successful than someone who is experiencing the complete opposite.

On one side there is the chance that inner harmony will mean that it is possible for someone to go after what they want without resistance and it could also cause them to do nothing. And this is because the desire to achieve or to move forward in life is often the result of one having the need to change how they feel.


If they feel at ease within and are not experiencing any kind of inner resistance, it could mean that one is happy with how things are. To be content is something that most people want to experience, but when someone is content, it also can cause them to stagnate.

The desire to achieve is then not there and though feeling at one within, nothing happens. So although someone could believe than inner peace is the key to success, the opposite could be true.

It can all depend on what this conflict relates to and whether one is able to work with their inner conflict. It appears that some people have more conflict than others and there are numerous reasons for this.


It could be due to the conditioning they have received from others and how what they think they want doesn’t reflect what they truly want. One may be carrying emotional baggage from the past and this is could be interfering with their real wants and needs.

There is also the chance that one’s inner nature is in conflict and while they may want to change it, it is something they have to accept and manage. And if it is utilized in the right way, it will give them a strong inner drive to more forward in life.


So the best action to take can all depend on the kind of conflict that one has. They might need to let go of what has been building up within them and a therapist or healer can help with this process.

Questioning what one thinks they want and getting in touch with what they truly want will also help. Or one may need to find a way to satisfy each part of their nature; so that it is possible for them to move forward and to progress.

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