Although there are those that are full of life and embrace the life that they have been given, there are that aren’t and are unable to so. However, this is not to say that the former will always be on the top of the world or the latter will always be down in the dumps.

What it does mean is that there will be a clear difference between someone who fits into the first category and someone who doesn’t. In so many ways, their lives are going to be radically different.

The First Experience

When it comes to the former, someone may find that it is generally easy for them to get out of bed in the morning. Staying in bed after a certain time could be seen as something that would prevent them from being able to make the most of a new day.

This may show that they don’t merely have a job, they have a vocation. What they do for a living won’t just be a way for them to earn money, then, it will be something that they enjoy doing and it will have a positive effect on their fellow human beings.

A Fulfilling Area

During the moments when they are not serving humanity, they might spend time with friends who uplift them. These will be people who are loving and supportive, and having them in their life will greatly benefit them.

If they are in an intimate relationship, this will be with someone who they are aligned with. Just as this person will lift them up with their love and care, one will also do the same for their partner.

Going For it

Having the support of their friends and their partner, that’s if they have one, will make it easier for them to take risks and to go for bigger goals. Without this support, they would be more likely to play small.

Of course, what will make a big difference here is that one has the energy and the desire to be on this earth. If they do have a setback, thanks to their own energy and the support of those around them, it might not take them long to bounce back up.

Looking Back

If they were to reflect on their life, they may find that this is how they have been for as long as they can remember. They will then have had the odd moment when they have been knocked down and had very little energy, but this won’t have been something that has happened too often.

When they have been knocked down, it might have been due to a loved one passing on or a relationship coming to an end. To be in a bad way after something like this will be perfectly normal.

The Second Experience

When it comes to the latter, someone may find that it is generally difficult for them to get out of bed each morning. Getting out of bed is then going to be something that takes a lot of effort and they might not see the point in doing so.

Once they have got up, they might have to go to a job that they can’t stand; with it just being a way for them to earn money. Going there is not going to fill them with joy, while leaving there will certainly be a relief.

An Unfulfilling Area

If there are people around them, they might not be very loving and supportive. Alternatively, they could be but as one has more or less lost the will to live, their behaviour might not have much of an impact on them.

They might not have ever been in an intimate relationship, or the ones that they have had might not have been very functional. If they are currently in one, it might not be any better than the ones they have had in the past.

Life Will Be Endured, Now Enjoyed

So, just about every area of their life is unlikely to energise them and they will be used to feeling very low. As a result of how they feel, they could typically be described as being depressed.

It will be as though they are missing the life force that so many other people possess. One way of looking at this would be to say that they have a ‘chemical imbalance’ or that they were simply born this way.

Another Angle

A different way of looking at this would be to say that deep within them is a wounded child and this child has given up on life. Thus, they will no longer be a child but the child that they once were will live inside them.

It won’t matter if they are out touch with this part of them, as this child will have an effect on how they feel, behave and on the experiences that they have, amongst other things. If this part of them has given up on life and no longer want to be here, it could show that their early years were anything nurturing.

A Very Traumatic Time

Instead of their developmental needs being met on a regular basis, they may have rarely, if ever, been met. Being left and even physically harmed may have been a weekly, if not daily, occurrence.

Ultimately, this stage of their life would have been a living hell and it would have been as if they were a worthless burden. Due to the pain that they were in at this stage of their life, they would have had a strong need to die.

No Other Option

They wouldn’t have been able to fight back or to run away, so ending their life would have been the only way to bring their suffering to an end. What they went through would have been hard for an adult to handle, let alone a small child who was totally powerless, dependent and had a brain that had only just started to develop.

As an adult, if they ever have suicidal thoughts or a strong need to die, it can be coming from this deeply wounded child. The need to die might be seen as being irrational to their conscious mind, and even to other people, but it will make complete sense once they connect to their inner child and get in touch with what this part of them experienced.


If one can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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