There are a lot of things you can do to increase your joy without money. Monetary wealth is a beautiful thing but it usually starts from the inside out, but if your mentally and emotionally unstable, have poor relationships, or suffer some physical ailment, for example, then money isn't the answer. Having personal prosperity means that you should not sacrifice the other important areas of your life in the pursuit of earning money because it will consume you. To attract money you must expand your higher self so that money represents your higher ideals and values. The energy of money is aligned with the spiritual laws of the universe like the concept of giving and receiving, the ying and the yang, karma-you get what you deserve, for example.

The duality of money creates poverty or wealth, so depending on which end of the spectrum you want to place yourself in, start with the concept that money is both physical and spiritual in nature. Embrace your capacity to create money that benefits you and others in a positive way. Having money is obviously important but it shouldn't be the only criteria for real success.
Do you believe you have everything you need? If you think you don't, then re-examine your needs. Let's consider the basic necessities of life: water, air, food, clothing, and shelter. Beyond this is a matter of having luxuries. Don't let material objects distract you from what is truly important. Without these essential needs, no one can prosper.

You have the choice to experience the success you want because success is a state of mind where you don't have to physically travel to some ideal point in order to feel successful. True success comes in many forms. You can have money but if your health is terrible then that's not experiencing success. Ultimate success is living with joy in all areas of your life- mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. Personal success and prosperity lies in your everyday emotional core on a moment to moment basis. You can begin being successful right this moment by just appreciating yourself and allowing success and bliss to be a common quality in your life.

The dimensions of abundance are reflected in a state of physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Balance is the key to experience true wealth and abundance. Keeping our minds and bodies healthy and expressing appreciation, joy, and being grateful for what we have taps us into the flow of abundance. To be abundant we must learn the physical and spiritual laws of money. The physical would be learning the rules of investing money; the spiritual concept would be to donate and give a tenth or 10% to the universe/god/society is the key to prosperity. Donate to a worthy cause and think of the needy. When you make a contribution to humanity instead of trying to impress others you set a positive example. Step into the divine flow of prosperity and believe in yourself that you have all you need, and your prosperity will prosper others.
To increase your prosperity act with integrity and don't let money stop you from doing something you enjoy because that will suppress your abilities to generate money. Start to forgive yourself for past failures and financial mistakes in order to re-stimulate your money flow.

Aside from learning how to make money, learn also how to treat yourself with respect and affirm that you are a worthy and deserving person. Don't wait for abundance to come at a latter time because you are already abundant right now at this moment, so keep reflecting those positive moments in your mind when you felt prosperous and remove mental blocks or emotional obstacles that may cut-off your abundance.

To accomplish something is a matter of degree, extent, amount, focus, intensity, and level of determination. Do you really wish for something but haven't done anything about it? If so re-analyze your most treasured dream and start taking steps to realize it. Concentrate on one area of your life or goal and get to the heart of the matter. Don't get distracted by your own thoughts because when your thoughts and dreams are scattered it won't be enough to fulfill and make your dream happen. Choose the most productive option for yourself, and you will steadily make progress. You have achieved success before and can do it again just as easily.

This moment right now is an opportunity to be the best you can be because your experience has transformed itself into wisdom. Look at what has been gained through your efforts, and use positive productive action to achieve whatever you desire. All that is needed is your attained wisdom to easily step confidently toward success. True fulfillment is not found in living to impress others or worrying about what others think because fear, guilt, and resentment will set in. These negative feelings will replace your peace of mind to halt your progress, joy and happiness; it will only serve to immobilize you.

Doubt will prevent you from moving forward and taking action. Life is an opportunity that we have to take and be responsible for. Turn from what you know to be wrong in your life and make your life worth living. Initial Abundance starts by supplying our basic needs, and once these basics needs are fulfilled, you will have all you need because this is the source of life where initial abundance flows from.

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