Informal Call Sign for Economic Growth and Prosperity

Merriam -Webster defines “Call Sign” as the combination of identifying letters assigned to an activity for use in communication!

The Truth and Reconciliation Report identified several specific Calls to Action as it pertains to the economy! The recommendations or “calls to action” will remain just that, recommendations and calls to action if we choose to do nothing!

Canadians have an opportunity to change the trajectory of our economy. The task does not have to be as daunting as one might think it is!

We are proposing that ITs Time for Change, (ITFC), become the call sign and direct Canadians to a unique online destination where effective supports are provided to specific audiences contributing to economic inclusion, engagement and growth.

Designed and built by Canadians who recognize the economic potential of Indigenous inclusion and engagement, this national platform enables everyday Canadians, companies, organizations and, governments at all levels the ability to participate in the most meaningful engagement of all! An economic engagement!

Engaging those who can drive economic reconciliation.

Indigenous communities who believe that their socioeconomic goals will be achieved through the creation of enterprises, partnerships, products, and services that will respond to unmet or under satisfied needs of the community.
For the 94% of Canadian businesses that have NOT realized the potential of working with, selling to or hiring an Indigenous person, business or community!
And for all those who inspire change!

Often referred to as the “say to gap”, the difference between what we say and what we do, illustrate how our words fall short of meaningful change.

The Government of Canada for example goes to great lengths to speak of a procurement strategy that would increase government spending involving Indigenous businesses up to 5% of total spending. This is a great idea, why has it taken so long? The current spend amongst Indigenous business is less than 1% so one must ask how and why it hasn’t been achieved to date.

One rationale is that the Government of Canada does not know or can identify with Indigenous Businesses! In fact, less than 5% of the 55,000 Indigenous businesses are registered on the federal Indigenous business registry. Why? We have heard many reasons but this one in particular tops the charts, “its too complicated”

ITFC is changing all of that.

Our national platform brings forth a solution based on an intimate knowledge of the barriers that for generations have prevented Indigenous individuals and communities from building and growing their economies. ITFC is providing non-indigenous businesses and organizations insights into the economic opportunity that exists and providing a platform for engagement.

ITFC is strategically positioned to advocate and offer an economic engagement strategy to the 94% of Canadian companies that don’t have one. What only 6% of Canadian companies have come to realize is the massive economic growth opportunity that exists when you partner, collaborate with the Indigenous community in Canada.

The fact that we do not have an inclusive and engaged economy is about to “change”

Our Strategy: To Share
To create jobs, to connect individuals with those jobs, to mobilize a remote workforce, to share knowledge and insights, to advocate for, identify and promote business within the supply chain, to share and maximize procurement opportunities, to share best practices and grow the economy in an inclusive and engaged environment where everybody can benefit!

Wikipedia says a “Call Sign” can be Informally adopted by individuals or organizations

So, let the challenge start today, share the ITFC Call sign with your neighbors, your business associates, the mom and pops who run a small business down the street and let’s rally around a national platform that provides the opportunity to take action!

Without action any recommendation or call to action is just another statement.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Walter Deagle, I lived in Wolfville city of Nova Scotia province in Canada. I am working to provide a better world for the aboriginal peoples of Canada.