An Ever-evolving Digital Aspect i.e. ‘The Marketing’

The world has evolved more than it was ever expected. Though the quote—“one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” by Neil Armstrong, is inherently subjected to space research accomplishment but can be also related with the ever-evolving digital age especially the marketing sector.

This referred giant leap or digital-based integrated marketing holds digitalized practices such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, email marketing and many others. Earlier, various marketing leaders were striving with the marketing traditional practices such as advertisement through television, radio stream, and printed ads. But through digitalization, marketers have easily achieved many milestones en route to success.

Being a crucial aspect in business management, a job role as a marketing leader has to be done without any flaws. An individual should possess attributes like ability to intrigue, sound communication, effective sales approach, resourcefulness, flexibility, adaptability and accountability.

We cannot imagine running an organization without an error-less strategic marketing structure. As marketing helps every business to increase their reach and provide clear approach of their vision, the need of implementing a dedicated marketing team becomes a necessity rather than a want. Marketing plays a crucial role in businesses, it acts as a forefront of an organization deliberately presenting products and solutions to the audience. This team reach out to customers, prospects, investors or community(depending on the products), whilst c reating an overarching portrayal representing a positive face of the company. Known as the founder of modern management, Peter Drucker quotes, “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two—and only two—basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.” Through above statement, he tries to exemplify that a perfect balancing of marketing with innovation could take businesses in creating customers steadily. In addition, to makes sales easier for any business owner marketing plans and strategies are quite important.

In this special issue, entitled “Influential CMOs 2019”, CIO LOOK tries to focus on some impeccable leaders those beautifully depicted the role of a marketing leader and are inspiring many more buds to come. Equipped by unique ideologies and traits, these featured leaders have brought a revolution in the customary of business procedures. Their contribution have set many examples and influence the modern era of brand as well as product marketing. The trade press magazine admire such flagship bearers and takes pride to feature them in this edition

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In the special edition “Influential CMOs 2019”, CIO LOOK tries to focus on some impeccable leaders hose beautifully depicted the role of a marketing leader