Pu-erh tea is a changeable tea, and the people who drink Pu-erh tea and the environment when drinking tea have not been changeable? So we look at the impact of seasonal changes on Pu-erh tea. It should be carried out from two aspects: one is the season of making Pu-erh tea, and the other is the season of drinking Pu-erh tea.
Pu-erh tea production is divided into raw material production and finished product production. In the actual production of Pu-erh tea, spring, summer, autumn and winter are carried out throughout the year.
Spring, summer, and autumn: Most of the eyes are concentrated on the production of raw materials. Many people often ignore the passive production after making tea, which is called "sweating". The initiative is to return to the pile, gather the spring, summer and autumn Mao tea according to a certain proportion, and then make it into tea cakes, bricks, Tuo cha, etc. in the winter. This method of making is no longer in use, but the tea raw materials of the season are almost made into tea products in the season.
Compared with the previous production of finished products, the time required for the production of finished products is too short, and it can be completed in as little as 3 days-from fresh leaf picking to drying into wool tea. Now Maocha is also a kind of finished product.
For now, if the ingredients made in each season alone will only appear in two cases after five years, one is good and the other is not good. When these two situations are fed back, we will find that the influence of the season on the tea products can only be reflected in the season of drinking Pu-erh tea.
Spring: Winter has passed, and the season is relatively dry. Tea products do not change much in this season, so the tea you drink should be light, and drinking strong tea will feel more dry. Drinking cooked tea on a sunny day is even hotter. No matter how good the ingredients are, the tea products made this season are more or less bad.
Summer: The weather is hotter than spring. At this time, the tea concentration is higher. The body heat and water loss are greater in the hot weather. The tea products in this season will change faster. Different teas in different environments, locations, and moods bigger.
Autumn: It also has a great impact on the changes of Pu-erh tea, and the conversion will be faster than in the spring and summer seasons, so drinking cooked tea is the most suitable. The weather in autumn is getting colder, and the aroma of the raw tea can't come out under the cold air.
Winter: Almost all of the tea in this season is in the atmosphere. The weather is cold and a group of people visit relatives and relatives. Always talk, at this time drinking tea is an atmosphere.
There is nothing wrong with the taste of Pu-erh tea raw materials in each season. However, if we look at the entire production process at present, it seems that cooked tea is produced, and the season does not have much impact on the tea drinking.

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