It is not a hidden reality that CPEC has turned out to be a forerunner of transformational change in Pakistan’s economy. It has revolutionized the real estate industry too since it has linked Gwadar seaport to Kashgar located in China. This one link will serve as a trade route for both neighboring countries. Owing to the immense success of CPEC, Pakistan’s real estate sector has effectively grabbed the attention of investors from all over the world who are keen to look for an investment opportunity. Due to this trend, there has been a significant rise in real estate projects.

Economic Growth

In the real estate business, economic growth is crucial. The economy is correlated with the increasing prices of real estate. Due to CPEC, job opportunities will increase and therefore, the need for people buying or renting places near Gwadar will also increase. This will boost the real estate business.

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Chinese Immigration

So obviously, it is a fact that CPEC is a joint economic venture between China and Pakistan and therefore, many engineers are required from both the countries so that they can be deployed in Gwadar to complete the project. This is great news for the real estate sector as accommodating engineers and other workers require the establishment of several small cities, towns, and mini-projects along the belt.

The land of Gwadar can be used to build multiple housing societies with all the amenities. It is a no- brainer that the Chinese influx has greatly influenced rental returns in major cities and it is undeniably true that with time, this influx will increase. The impact of Chinese immigrants can be seen in many societies of Pakistan. Blue world city is also an example of the Pak-China friendship. This housing society is built in collaboration with Chinese engineers and architects who have designed the houses and apartments so that people can experience luxury and a lavish lifestyle.

 Infrastructure development

Of course when a trade route will be established between Pakistan and China, then the need for proper road infrastructure will also arise. It is not a hidden fact that road infrastructure increases the worth of places that are around it. This will significantly influence the real estate sector as the prices of houses, plots, and even rental apartments will increase.

It is anticipated that within the next twenty years, the population of Gwadar will rise to more than three million. So, in this respect, CPEC will become a necessity to cater to all the needs of the increased population. Gwadar City will be established in a mixed-use gated fashion which will provide residential, commercial, entertainment, cultural, and educational environments under one roof. It should be noted that more than 50% of the area is set aside for open spaces. Owing to the increase in the development in Gwadar, many schools, shopping malls, and hospitals are expected to be built in the city. More than 1500 homes will be built across an area of 3.5 million sq. ft. Moreover, with many immigrants arriving at Gwadar port, the value of land will rise. This will, in turn, boost the real estate sector.

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