Infidelity often comes as a result simple problems that are often unattended to. Poor communication skills or repeated ignorance makes a spouse mad and easily tempted to cheat. This may eventually lead to a severe breakup or separation. The couple should equally work together to nurture their own relationship.

Lack or reduced attention compared to when you began dating can be mistaken to diminishing love. Liars are more likely lose the trust they may have gained. Insecurity then sets in and the spouse feeling offended may resort to infidelity in order to get even. Trust is a key issue in any relationship and must be adhered to for long term success.

The feeling of superiority or inferiority can easily stir cheating mostly in marriage. Different levels of education or intelligence may make a spouse cheat with mates of their assumed level. It also causes dissatisfaction of the other spouse and before long; the couple is involved in serious infidelity. This happens in a short span of time if caution is not taken.

Sometimes jealousy crops in due to several unattended reasons. Jealousy is another big cause of cheating in marriages. The loneliness and certainly the feeling of being unappreciated create walls that may seem impossible to go through. In such cases cheating is a short time solution which worsens the situation.

Different people have various personalities that may not be appreciated by their mates. Drinking, smoking and hanging with some groups are behaviors that one may find hard let go. When your spouse can not tolerate any of these, problems are bound to come along. Patience and understanding are the only saviors to such incidences.

In marriages that have lasted more than decades, aging and some bits of boredom are more likely to cause cheating. Occasional flings and work related parties with booze conveniently provide the opportunities for straying. People mostly see such as change of routine or having a little more fun outside marriage. However, they provide perfect chances of destroying marriages or well established relationships.

To sustain a healthy marriage or relationship, one has to take care of it. It is like a flower, if well nurtured, it blossoms. But if left to without care, it withers and dies. The couple involved must work hand in hand to make sure infidelity is never a cause of crumbling. Having romantic outings and taking part in fun activities together always keep the love between you lively.

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Coping with infidelity it can be tough. We suggest the two of you going to a couples therapist to try to get past it.