Reasons for Infertility in Women
Women infertility is on rise. The infertility in the women was just about 20% before a decade, but now it has been noted to be around 40%, double rise is being noted in the infertility in women. Infertility in the women is a problem of great concern as it adversely affects their personal life by keeping them deprived of the beautiful feeling of motherhood. For a woman a life is incomplete without the motherhood and if she fails to become mother even the society doesn’t respect her. The main problems why women infertility is on rise are as follows:
1. Age: Age is noted to be one of the main factors causing women infertility. The fertility rates in women decreases as she ages. Due to the career oriented nature observed in the women they marry late many times even after 35 years of age. This is why many times they fail to conceive as their ovulation period comes to an end. It has been noted that as women ages her ovaries produce fewer eggs. Even the quality of the eggs is poorer than those of young women. The chances of miscarriage are even higher than in young women. So, I would suggest all the women to get married before thirties.

2. Obesity: Overweight women find it difficult to conceive. Obesity is being associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), an endocrinologic disorder that can cause infertility. During PCOS more amount of androgen, a male hormone is produced in women that disturbs the normal menstrual cycle in women. Obesity reduces the sexual libido in the female. She feels disinterested in the sex due to the obesity. Even the sensation of the sexual organs is being reduced due to the deposition of the fats on the intimate parts. Penetrative sex becomes difficult because of the obesity.

3. Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance occurs a lot in the women and many women fail to conceive because of this. The level of the progesterone and estrogen is found to be in low quantity in some women. These two hormones are required in sufficient amount for women to get pregnant. Majority of the women who face infertility issues can be cured by resolving the hormonal imbalance problem. For this they need to take hormone injections or tablets.

4. Premature ovarian failure (POF): During this ovary development fails prematurely. Irregular periods are the symptoms of the POF. The main cause of POF is not yet understood, but few other things that may directly or indirectly cause POF are genetic disorders, such as Turner syndrome and fragile X syndrome; adrenal, pituitary, or thyroid gland deficiencies; or cancer treatments. So, please consult the doctor immediately if you find any of the symptoms of POF.

5. Smoking and alcohol intake: Smoking tobacco is found to adversely affect the ovaries and formation of the eggs. Menstrual cycle of the women gets irregular due to the tobacco intake. It has been noted during the studies that women who smoke a lot fail to conceive easily. Alcohol intake is main cause of the increase in the miscarriage. Alcohol affects the hormone levels in the body and affects the hormone production due to which women become infertile.
6. Stress and inadequate sleep: Stress reduces the fertility level in women. Stress reduces the interest of women in the sex as she is too tired to enjoy the sexual activity. Due to this the fertility period of the women gets passed and she no longer is able to produce the offspring. Enough amount of the sleep is needed to the women to for the egg development; sleep is the perfect time for the egg formation as all other body processes are resting at that time. If you are not getting the adequate sleep then you may fail to conceive.

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