Undoubtedly, durable industrial drafting stools have been used for several years now. They are strong and resistant to wear. However, you could find other types of furniture for official needs. Are you confused about buying the right pieces? Let’s begin the discussion below-

On average, 70% and above startup firms won’t understand how to make the right choice of furniture items. Don’t worry if you too find troubles in the same. Here we will discuss the difference between buying executive office chairs and drafting stools.

Difference Between Industrial Drafting Stools and Office Executive Chairs

1. The back support of stools is quite ideal for letting users stay for long hours without feeling discomfort whereas you could observe lumbar support in chairs to give a complete rest to users.

2. The posture of individuals cannot be corrected or fixed when using stools whereas they could remain stable when they use chairs for official purposes. Moreover, you might observe greater productivity when using the latter type of furniture.

3. Seat height adjustment is not a feature of drafting stools but you could find such adjustment when using chairs. This makes the latter product more valuable for employees because anyone could sit comfortably for long hours.

4. Seat height is quite higher than normal in stools to help laboratory staff members, offices, etc. deal with respective projects whereas seat height of chairs is standard.

5. The price of stools and chairs varies from one store to another. In general, you can find stools at a lower higher cost when compared to chairs.

Are Drafting Stools Ergonomic in Design?

First of all, you must be aware of the fact that ergonomic design is associated with chairs. It is not linked with stools. It simply means that you could find stools without ergonomic design. To offer relaxation and support to users, they just come with low to high-back support. And, the most popular feature to allow more relaxation to users is the footrests.

Is It Better to Sit on Chairs or Stools?

You may ask yourself whether it is comfortable to sit on chairs or stools when you are looking for them online. Do remember that it depends on a number of factors. It is advised to identify the needs to finalise the most suitable one. Suppose the purpose is to sit on computer desks, the ideal solution is to order executive office chairs.

Coming to setting up the space for laboratory or healthcare or architectural use, you can’t miss out on buying drafting stools. They are the most comfortable piece of furniture item for this purpose. So, you just need to measure the space to identify the actual count of stools to buy.


Buying the right furniture items for official use is very crucial. If you are not able to finalise between sturdy industrial drafting stools and executive office chairs, this guide gives you some good pieces of information. So, you just need to follow the same and make sure of setting up your office space as you desire. It is important to know that you could find several shops to order furniture items so picking the right store is suggested.

Hurry up and look for a store where you could find them at affordable rates. You may go for customised orders if you aim at designing them with your own ideas. So, place your order today!

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The author is a well-known craftsman who knows how to craft furniture items for commercial uses. He also helps clients customise sturdy industrial drafting stools, office ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, etc. In his free time, he writes informative posts on the same.