When you’re entertaining guests, you want to make sure you set the tone. The best way to do this is through the decor. When the area looks beautiful, it’ll instantly become more inviting. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or having a few friends over for the weekend, consider the following tips to impress your guests.

Incorporate Both High-end and Low-end Pieces
Oftentimes, people make the mistake of thinking that they need to spend tons of money in order for a room to look stunning. Truthfully, it’s all about paying attention to the details and understanding quality. Head over to your local home decor boutique to find cute accessories. Visit thrift stores to find ornate and interesting mirrors and frames. Go to a few vintage stores to find interesting rugs and pillows. Mix the expensive with the inexpensive for a beautiful balance. Plus, this tip will help you to customize your look to your needs.

Infuse the Room with Color
A monochromatic look tends to fall flat. If you have an all-white living room, it might be pretty, but it’s not practical. In fact, your guests might even feel uncomfortable sitting on your all-white furniture because they don’t want to leave a potential stain. Instead, purchase furniture sets in neutral colors like brown, navy blue or gray. Paint the walls in a color other than stark white. Bring in colorful accessories like candles, picture frames and artwork for an added burst of color. You don’t want your home to look like a museum. You want it to look like it’s lived in.

Play Around with Furniture
It’s a great idea to consider customizing a piece of your own. Whether it’s a lamp, desk or a chair, consider going to a local shop to purchase an inexpensive piece of furniture. Purchase the right materials to sand and paint it to your liking. You can even choose to add stencils, fabric and more. This will serve as one of your couture pieces in the home because no one else has one like it.

Use Various Patterns and Textures
There are many ways you can provide texture and depth to your home. Use pillows with different fabrics. Instead of choosing white basic blinds, try interesting wooden blinds. Add a plush blanket to one of the chairs. Swap out the standard lampshade with a clear acrylic option. These ideas will add visual interest to a room.

Remember that the best decor is created over a period of time. Take time to decide what the room really needs. As you start with the foundation, you can continue to build on it. Start with foundational items like the furniture, and don’t allow the accessories to dictate the direction of the room.

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Anica is a freelance writer.